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Go For Your Personal Curtain Design To Show Off Your Persona
By joalesto
When you step into a new place, perhaps the most conspicuous feature that will catch your eye is the furniture and the curtains. These are the stuff which best shows the personality and taste of the homeowner. The style and material of the curtains will give you a pretty good idea of the character of your host.

There are several designs of curtains which you can choose from. The curtain design depends on the style of your windows and the room itself as well other considerations such as privacy and the fabric material. You should also keep in mind the over-all look you want to achieve in the room.

Let us go over the list of common curtain designs:

1. Jabots or festoons - These are pleated and then used as frame at each side of the row of swags. It should be one half or two-thirds of the full length of the window. This style lends an old-fashioned look and softness to the window frame.

2. Swags - These are curtain fabrics which form a decorative feature over a window. The fabric is hung from two points on the either side of the top of the window and then draping down the center.

3. Rosettes - It can take the form of a bow, a rosette or a choux and serves as the highlight of your curtain arrangement. It can also be the finishing touch for swags and curtain headings.

4. Casement Curtains (Rod Pocket, Panel Curtains, Pole Top Curtains) - This curtain forms a pocket at the top and then threaded onto a pole or rod. The fabric is difficult to pull across the window so that it is usually placed in the sides of the windows and secured with tie back or hold backs. They are ideal for windows which are not closed and opened as often
as other windows. They are also inexpensive and functional.

5. Bishop’s Sleeve - The basic design for a bishop’s sleeve is derived from the rod pocket design but with additional length to be used for blousing. The sides are gathered with tiebacks to the window frame to produce multiple poufs.

6. French Pleat, Triple Pleat, Pinch Pleat Curtain - This type of pleater curtain needs a hook to fasten the pleats in place and affix the curtain to the track. The pleats are pinched at the bottom so that a fan-like form at the top is achieved.

7. Tab Top Curtains - These types of curtains are ideal for use as café curtains and in other places wherein they will not be drawn frequently since tab top curtains don’t move easily over the poles.

8. Tie Top Curtains - These are also good curtains for use in a café and are usually made of lightweight curtain fabric. Small strips of fabric are attached at the head of the fabric to be tied over the curtain rod to hold the curtain in place.

9. Ruffled Curtains - If you want to have a country look to your home then you may opt for ruffles in your curtains. This type of design will usually look nice in any kind of room and add the old country look to your home.

With these curtain designs to choose from, you will find something that will suit your style and taste and, more importantly, your budget. But if you find that these curtains don’t suit your style then you can always take the initiative and design your own.

Doing it yourself will give your curtain the look you want it to have, wouldn’t it? And it’s surely going to be a great way to show your individuality and personal style.
Jo is an author and publisher for ‘Lara Grace Collections’ (, an online curtain fabric supplier in UK that specializes in the distribution of fabrics for curtains, soft furnishings as well as upholstery. If you are searching for and would want to purchase an exclusively designed”>patchwork fabrics which can produce an elegant and stylish look to your residence that can be utilized and coordinated in a variety of ways then have a look at Lara Grace Collections.
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