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Evergreen Solar Panels Article:

Tips For Buying An Affordable Solar Panel
By Editor22
Just like food, clothing and shelter, energy too falls under the category of bare necessities of life. A modern man cannot imagine his life without energy (to be specific ‘power’). It is something that accompanies us right from the day break and helps us in carrying out daily chores with utmost ease.

Electricity happens to be the primary source of energy in urban areas and needless to mention it is expensive. The consumption of cost electricity makes it literally unaffordable for rural inhabitants.

A solar panel is a device composed of an array of photovoltaic cells fastened together by means of wire. The photovoltaic cells are made crystalline silicon or sometimes with more expensive gallium arsenide. The structure is then backed by a support and mounted over a surface. The crystalline silicon materials are capable of trapping solar energy and retain the same for considerable time. During day, the solar energy is trapped and later the same is utilized to serve numerous household purposes. Energy stored from photovoltaic cells is conveniently applied
for carrying out domestic chores like boiling water, cooking and more.

A typical solar panel is capable of producing twelve volts of power daily. However the quantum of electricity produced from each cell depends a lot on the quality of cells used, the technology being used to produce them and a lot other factors. A solar panel has longevity of twenty to twenty five years and the capacity depreciates over time.

Before you decide to buy a solar panel for domestic consumption it is necessary to research on their prices. The best way to buy an affordable solar panel that suits your budget is to compare the dollars to watt ratio. Most solar panels are available at a price of five dollars pet watt which makes it quite affordable to an average buyer. Apart from the device in itself one has to consider the adjacent expenditure too. You need to construct an additional mounting space so as to rest the device properly. In a way, a solar panel stands out to be a convenient option for those who wish to curtail their monthly expenditure on other convention energy sources.
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