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Electric Solar Panels Article:

Solar Panel Components
By Editor22
Solar panels are used to absorb sun light and produce electricity free of cost anywhere around the world. They are used comfortably in tropical and sub tropical climates. With some solar panels, a tracking system is also adjusted which rotates in the direction of sun in order to get continuous sunlight throughout the year. Installation of solar panel is costly but it acts as a long-term solution for power scarcity, electricity bills and they are environment friendly too.

Solar panel can also be made at home with the help of readymade solar panel kits with their instruction manual or you can also purchase it from some solar panel producer
In a typical manner, these panels are installed on the roof or building tops in order to get as much exposure to the direct rays of sun as possible. Solar panels can also be installed with the help of Solar panel mounts.

Solar panels are broadly of two types namely flat plate collector and evacuated tubes. Flat Plate Collectors consist of a sheet of metal (copper
or stainless steel) coated with some heat absorbing material. At the back side of this plate are some copper pipes. An insulated box contains both pipes and metal plate. As water circulates through pipes heat is transferred from plate to pipe which works as hot water cylinder. Evacuated tubes consist of an evacuated glass tube in addition which makes sure that very less energy gets lost from the metal sheet.

The solar panels which convert solar energy into electricity are called Photovoltaic. The basic component of a solar panel is silicon cell which is made up of semiconductors and when large amount of silicon cells are assembled together, they generate significant amount of energy.

For best maintenance and efficient usage of your solar panel you should remove all the useless items which make obstruction in the path of sunlight. Trim the branches if some tree is creating obstruction. If you find any shadow over your solar panel, you are definitely affecting the efficient utilization of your solar plant.
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