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Grants For Installing Solar Panels Article:

Build Solar Panel Today Or The Top 6 Reasons To Build Your Own Solar Panel
By Alexander Storm
With energy resources dwindling and energy prices rising, more people look towards renewable energies. Solar Panels for home use seem like the real deal.

Actually, the amount of sunlight reaching the earth each year can be used to produce about 1.000 times the same amount of energy created by burning all fossil fuels mined and extracted for the same period of time.

Unfortunately, professional solar power systems cost more than $3.000 - without the installation! But there is a solution: you can build a solar panel by yourself!

Here is the Top 6 List why you need to build your own Solar Panel:

1) You will save a lot of money. You can reduce your electric bill by 80% or even eliminate it completely.

2) Building your own solar panel isn’t difficult at all - even teenagers can build one. Other than the components all you need is a good instruction.

3) You will find all the required components to build your own solar panel
in your local hardware store. Some companies like GE even sell solar panel kits with all the components you need included.

4) You do your part to save the environment. Solar energy is environmentally friendly as there are no harmful by-products.

5) You will live off the grid. With your own solar panel(s) you will reach independence from any kind of tariffs and policies.

6) Once your solar panel is installed, no big maintenance is required. With no moving parts, solar panels have little to go wrong and they last for more than 30 years!

Now you know why it makes sense to build your own solar panel. But in order to build a solar panel for home use you need to know how to build it.

So, what you need is a good instruction. I personally can recommend Earth4Energy as it has great step-by-step video instructions.

Now, you have no more excuses why you can’t do it. And keep in mind: it’s also a lot of fun to build your own solar panel!
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