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Build A Solid Foundation For Your Career With Solar Panel Schools
By BootsOnTheRoof
Many people think of solar power as "harnessing the sun's energy". Many people believe that solar technology means new technology. The truth, however, is that people have been using solar power since the 7th century. The truth - new technology is always built on the foundations of old technology, using the glue of ambition and need. The same can be said for a career in the solar industry, with training from solar schools as the foundation.
Solar Panel Schools - Your Building Blocks to the Future
The first solar powered tools were glass and mirrors, used to focus the sun to light fire. Now, we have printable solar cells to focus the sun to light our homes and businesses. What humble beginnings, to lead to something so fantastic - Jules Verne had no idea what 2009 would bring us.

If you're interested in solar technology, but think you don't have the right background to get into the field, consider the humble beginnings of the technology itself. Where are we now compared to glass and mirrors? Where could we be, with training from a solar panel school?

Solar panel schools are not just for people in relevant fields, such as electricians or contractors. Although it does help to have a little knowledge in basic algebra and geometry, the training courses offered by a school for solar energy are intensive and one-on-one. These courses will give you the foundation and needed background for an excellent career in the solar industry.
to the Basics
If you think of "solar panel schools" as "solar installer schools", you couldn't be farther from the truth. True, you'll learn the basics of solar installation, but the training is designed to fit many types of career paths.

Solar panel schools start with NABCEP's (North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners) Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge of PV Systems. This is the industry-standard general knowledge certificate for those entering the field. If you choose to become an installer, you can then move on to the PV (Photovoltaic) Installer Certification program.

As you enter the solar training course, you'll learn what our ancestors already knew as they built their homes to face the sun - sun paths and horizon profiles, peak sun hours and shading effects. From the foundations those basics provide, you'll move to learning about current technology: the history of PV panels, system design, installation, estimating, effective solar business models, PV system applications and more.

By the time the course is finished, you'll know enough to begin a career in the solar industry, in whatever area you choose. Sales, installation, design, manufacture and PV troubleshooting are just a few of the possible career paths in this booming industry. As new technology replaces old and the future gets brighter, you have the chance now to set your pathway to a brighter career with training from solar panel schools.
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