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Netizen Paradise At Showmypro
By sketchinghouse
Sometimes netizens - the special citizens of the internet - think a hundred times before logging out of their comfort zone. It's like they would never even accidentally veer to any other site from their chosen ones. And when it comes to social networking, they get all the more stubborn sticking to the same ones, even if they are bored with the features, tired of the applications and sick of the interface design. takes seconds to change that mindset. The moment you open the home webpage, you will feel you are in familiar territory. It's not just about the cool and clutter-free look and design, it's so easy on the eyes that you would like to stay back and be part of the most happening new community on the web. Yes, you have your space and your face is on the book, but it's time to show your pro around.

In a digital age, when everything is only about state-of-the-art technology, complex coding and even more complex features, user navigability goes for a complete toss. This is where ShowMyPro's simplicity takes the cake and the entire confectionary. The big icons on the homepage - the pen, the speaker, the chat bubble, the friend icon - take you back to how it all started - in life and on the web.

It's super simple to find your way about on The first thing you need to do is register yourself, of course. While the usual username, email, password and date of birth entries are there, the profile picture is a must. Keep the jpg file handy and upload it on the registration page.
And voila! You are done. No verification. No emails to confirm. No referrals to make.

Once registered it's time for some action. The homepage for a registered user is split into two. On the left panel is the list of forum topics, through which you can quickly jump on to your favourite topics and discuss Shakira's swiveling hips or the latest horror film in town that got you scared. On the right is a chat window where all the online users can have a freewheeling time exchanging thoughts or just trying to make a new friend.
Below the forum space on the left side, are the special bits on - the featured users, the featured blogs, the featured videos, the featured images. Like any of them? They are just a click away. Don't miss the news announcement section though, where any new development on the site is put up.

Back to the right panel. Below the chat window are links to the top arcade games and the top players of the community. Then there is a link to the birthdays of your friends so that you don't forget to wish him or her. And there's a handy link to the new blogs on which you can real at your convenience.

And why should you only remain a spectator when you can be part of the action. At the right top corner about the chat window, is your work area where you can upload the images you like, the videos you want the world to see and the blogs you want to key in. is a world of endless possibilities just made simple for your perusal. And it's time you logged in.
Join in on the action.
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