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Solar Energy Panel Article:

"carbon Services Pakistan"
By omar malik
Carbon Services is a specialized consulting enterprise which provides finance and consulting services for Pakistani enterprises, in close cooperation with foreign governments and enterprises in Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction field.

Carbon Services has devoted great efforts in the development and application of CDM projects in the field of energy efficiency in cement, sugar, paper & pulp, iron & steel plant, hydroelectric and wind power, biomass energy, gas leakage reduction, associated gas utilization, coal methane gas utilization, and so on. Carbon Services has already developed more than 15 CDM projects in Pakistan.

Carbon Services partners with world renowned CDM experts Factor AG from Switzerland and 3C from Germany. Both these international partners are well known in the CDM arena, and have experiences in Carbon Markets and in the field of climate change. We have a worldwide team of elite and professional environmental engineers and carbon finance experts, consisting of highly professional PDD developers, methodology experts, renewable technology experts and senior advisors from the UNFCCC Methodology Panel.

Carbon Services has acquired significant advantages in PDD developing process and the validation for DOE. Carbon Services is capable of the whole package of CDM services as the selection and identification of CDM projects, assisting Pakistani Enterprises to sign Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) with international buyers, assisting Pakistani enterprises to finish the application for host Country DNA Approval, the validation for DOE and the registration in the Executive Broad of UNFCCC, finally to the issuance of the Certified Emission

Besides CDM projects, Carbon Services is engaged in VER project development also. Carbon Services is capable of providing all the services during the VER trading for both foreign enterprises and Pakistani project owners in a flexible way.
Sectors targeted by our technology

• Afforestation and reforestation
• Agriculture
• Biogas
• Biomass energy
• Cement
• Coal Bed/Mine Methane
• Energy distribution
• energy efficiency - Households
• energy efficiency - Industry
• energy efficiency - Own Generation
• energy efficiency - Service
• energy efficiency - Supply side
• Fossil Fuel Switch
• Fugitive
• Geothermal
• HFCs
• Hydro power
• Landfill gas
• N20
• PFCs
• solar power
• Tidal power
• Transport
• Wind power

Services we provide

• Project identification and screening
• Feasibility study
• Business plan development
• Assistance with preparation of Project Idea Note (PIN)
• Project risk analysis and management
• Financial services
• Due diligence services
• New methodology development
• Baseline development
• Assisting registration and issuance process
• Training
• Assistance with preparation of Project Design Document (PDD)
• Carbon market analysis
• Carbon credit procurement
• Carbon credit sales and marketing
• Commercial advisory
• Legal advisory
• Contractual arrangements
• Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement negotiations
• Monitoring of project activity

Contact: Omar Malik
Carbon Services Pakistan
Limited, 2nd Floor, Al Maalik, 19 Davis Road, Lahore, Pakistan
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