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Free Solar Panels Article:

Solar Panel School Paves The Way Toward Technological Advancement
By BootsOnTheRoof
The solar industry has been growing at an exponential rate for some years now. Even with the current economic crisis, solar production received a greater amount of venture capitalists' investments than any other industry. Out of the $5.5 billion disbursed by venture capitalists in the last quarter of 2008, renewable energy received $3.1 billion - a full 86% of the total. Continuing research and development into better, less expensive, more energy efficient ways to run our homes and businesses has only fueled an already blazing fire.

With the constant advances in solar panel technology, solar training schools that provide installer training are in great demand. As training facilities, most solar schools offer intense courses, more like boot camps, with hands-on training and powerful in-house training. It's now become imperative that the solar energy industry have enough trained professional to keep up with the high demand, and solar schools have stepped up to fill the skills gap.

Let's use solar photovoltaic (PV) panel technology as an example. Over three decades ago, the first wave of solar power hit the mainstream in the form of expensive, silicon-wafer solar cells. The reason for the expense was (and still is) is the necessary thickness of the wafer cells. In addition, wafers are fragile and require careful handling.

Approximately ten years ago, in an attempt to cut down on the high production costs, the solar industry developed "thin-film" solar cells - the furthest advancement in solar technology since we first
harnessed the sun's energy. These thin-film solar cells are stacked in layers and are much thinner than wafers. Printed with specially developed semiconductor ink in a high-vacuum based process, these cells are still expensive to produce. While thin-film solar cells have pluses over earlier solar wafers, there are still issues with production costs, performance and various other areas.

However, technology, research, development and the solar industry combined have proven that there's always going to be something "neater". New technology in the areas of solar energy has grown to the point that it will potentially be possible to paint the solar cells (or roof, or whatever) with this semiconductor ink. And remember - solar technology has jumped this much in only ten years. Imagine the possibilities in another ten.

The question is how is all this technology possible? What is the driving force? Although there are many reasons (politics, environmental concerns, money, better living through better technology), none of it would be possible without dedicated training at formal solar panel schools.

An excellent candidate for training at solar schools will have an interest in the solar industry, as well as solar panels and arrays. Those with a solid base in related fields, such as electricians, roofers, contractors and a variety of other fields will also find training beneficial.

Not only has solar power become a fascinating and rewarding career to get into, but also a stable career in an (as yet) unstable economy.
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