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The Alert Toothbrush®



The Alert Toothbrush helps prevent costly and painful dental problems associated with brushing too hard including:

Periodontal Disease Sensitive Teeth Receding Gums

Notched and Abraded Teeth

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Adulthood Cavities

Alert Features 

Canker Sores (Mouth Ulcers)

  Your smile is your calling card to the world - the first thing people see when meeting you. Unfortunately, most people are actively ruining their smiles with electric toothbrushes.

Braun Electric toothbrush

The majority of people simply brush too hard using the common household toothbrush as their weapon of choice. This brushing causes tooth and gum damage including:

  • oral bone loss
  • receding gums,
  • notched and abraded teeth
  • tooth sensitivity
  • increased susceptibility to adulthood cavity formation
  • oral ulcer (canker sore) formation.

The Alert's® is a precise, high quality preventative dental instrument that offers a relatively inexpensive solution to the major problem of self-induced trauma to gum tissue. Simple and easy to use, the Alert toothbrush helps prevent heavy handed brushing.

The Alert's patented microsensor lights when you brush too hard. Additional features ensure an effective and safe brushing experience.

Over time you learns how to apply the optimal brushing pressure preventing gum damage and reducing chances of developing early stage periodontal disease.

Protect your smile, protect the smile of your loved ones with the Alert.