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Prevent adulthood cavities

If you thought cavities were just for kids, think again. Adulthood provides little protection from the scourge of these childhood menaces. In fact, as adults, the older we get the more likely we are to develop cavities !

Dentists claim that the incidence of cavities in older adult populations has reached epidemic proportions. Now you can protect yourself and decrease your risk of suffering from cavities.

How Cavities Form

pictureBacteria live, work and play in our mouths. Millions of these unwelcomed guests cover our teeth and gums where they feast on left over food particles. Unappreciative for their free meal, these bacteria create acid as a by product of their feasting. It is this acid which creates cavities by eating into tooth enamel.

During childhood, fluoride and proper dental care help reduce cavities. The use of fluoride in toothpaste and in drinking water strengthen tooth enamel making it more resistant to acid breakdown. Proper brushing and flossing cleanse the mouth of offending bacteria and the small food particles they feed on.

Why We Get Cavities As Adults

Unlike childhood cavities, adult cavities tend to occur in the root of the tooth. The root of the tooth is the portion of the tooth that is usually covered by gum tissue. As gums recede the tooth root is exposed. The surface of the root is composed of a sensitive layer of tooth known as the cementum.

Unlike the hardened enamel found elsewhere on the tooth, the root is sensitive to attack by cavity causing acid. As the population becomes older, gums recede further, revealing more root and dramatically increasing chances of developing cavities.

Learn How To Protect Yourself Against Adulthood Cavities

How can we prevent the rise in adulthood cavities? The answer can be found in preventing gum line recession. The gums act as a natural protectant for the underlying tooth root. Unfortunately, most people destroy gum tissue by brushing too hard often applying two to three times the necessary pressure needed for good oral health.

Designed to prevent receding gums, the Alert toothbrush allows the user to apply the appropriate brushing pressure. Simple and easy to use, the Alert helps you prevent gum recession and the cavities that follow. Protect your smile with the Alert toothbrush.