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Prevent notched and abraded teeth

The very habit that is designed to clean and beautify your teeth is actually destroying them. Two out of three people brush too hard destroying the perfect smile that they labor to create.

This brushing can erode tooth enamel creating grooves and notches in tooth surfaces. These unsightly grooves and notches can ruin an otherwise perfect smile.


Grooves and notches can often only be corrected with cosmetic dentistry. In a bonding procedure, for example, a white plastic quartz resin is applied to the tooth. The dentist then sculpts the resin into place hiding the offending grooves and notches. While effective, bonding can cost over $100 per tooth !

The best way to prevent grooves and notches is to prevent the heavy handed brushing which causes them. Unfortunately, brushing is a habit that has been reinforced every day of our lives and as a result is nearly impossible to correct.

Furthermore, most people do not even realize that they are brushing too hard. The Alert toothbrush helps you break the habit of overzealous brushing protecting teeth and gums in the process. Its patented microsensor lights up when you brush too hard. Simple and easy to use, the Alert allows you to protect your smile.