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PictureParents Dental Care Center

A parent's guide to healthy smiles!

Your children are precious. Let Save Your Smile provide you with complete information to protect your children's teeth and help ensure that their smiles last a lifetime.

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Discover How to Get Your Child To Brush

Establishing good brushing habits is crucial for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

 Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Discover how to protect your child from baby bottle tooth decay.

 Candy - Why the Bad Rap?

Learn the truth about candy and find out why candy may be no more hazardous to your child's dental health than other foods.

  Look Ma, No Cavities!

Discover how to make your child cavity free.

Kids and Dental Emergencies

Do you know what to do in case of a dental emergency? Find out here.


Find out how to help your baby when teething begins.

 Parenting Directory

An organized listing of online resources that will help you care for your child's teeth.

 Mouthwash can be dangerous, even deadly to your child ...and other safety tips.
The Importance of Baby Teeth

Many parents do not understand the need to take care of baby teeth. Find out why healthy baby teeth are crucial for a lifetime of smiles.

 Pacifiers and Thumbsucking

Worried about your child's thumbsucking or use of a pacifier ? Learn when you should and should not be concerned.

  Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are the greatest dental advance that no has heard about.

 Free Parents Gift

Finally something for you. Get SaveyourSmile's Free guide to better Children's Dental Health.

 Childrens Teeth and Cavities

Should you worry about cavities in your kids first set of teeth?

 Parenting FAQ

Find answers to some common questions about your child's dental health