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Frequently Asked Questions

   Here is a list of common parenting questions:


Should my child swallow toothpaste ?

When should my child see a dentist ?

What are dental sealants ?

How do I take care of baby teeth ?

When should my child start brushing his or her own teeth ?

Should I be concerned about baby teeth ?

What is a pediatric dentist ?

My child's baby tooth has a cavity. Should I be concerned since this tooth will fall out anyway ?

How do I prevent cavities ?

How do I ease my child's teething pain ?

How do I get my child to stop using a pacifier ?

What do I do if my child's tooth is knocked out ?

Someone told me I shouldn't give my child bedtime bottles with juice. Is this true ?

When will my baby start getting teeth ?

When should I begin taking care of my baby's teeth ?

What's the best toothpaste for my child?

How do I chose a pacifier ?