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Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions



My child's baby tooth has a cavity. Should I be concerned since this tooth will fall out anyway ?

Yes, parents should definitely be concerned about cavities in baby teeth. Tooth decay in baby teeth, if left unchecked, can move through the tooth into the bone and ligaments of the jaw causing extensive damage.

More concerning, however, is the fact that cavities in baby teeth signal poor dental care, which can be a significant problem. Plaque bacteria, untouched by poor oral hygiene, feed on food particles left on our teeth creating acid as a by-product. It is this acid which eats into tooth enamel creating cavities.

Over a period of time this bacteria can turn nasty producing toxins and invading gum tissue and the structures which support teeth (this is known as gingivitis).

Make sure to brush your small child's teeth at least twice a day. If your child is younger than one year of age, use a wet gauze or wash cloth to wipe away potentially harmful plaque bacteria from gums. Watch the amount of sweet snacks your child eats and make sure your child sees a dentist on a regular basis.

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