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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions







How do I ease my child's teething pain ?

Teething can make your child downright miserable. To help your child, consider gently rubbing their gums with either a clean wet finger or a cold spoon. This will help ease the pain and often soothes an irritated child.

Chilled teething rings are another popular option. When using a teething ring, make sure it is chilled but not frozen as frozen teething rings may cause frostbite to lips and gums.

Many parents allow their children to chew on a clean cold wash rag or to chew on ice wrapped in a washcloth. If you do this, please watch your child to make sure they don't accidentally choke on ice which may work its way out of the washcloth.

We advise against using "teething" biscuits, cold carrots, or cold celery sticks to ease your child's discomfort. "Teething" biscuits can promote tooth decay while pieces of celery or carrots can create choking hazards.

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