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Alert features which protect your smile

If tooth trauma from brushing is such a common problem why hasn't anyone attempted to solve the problem before?

Actually, massive amounts of money have been spent trying to find ways to reduce tooth brushing trauma. Companies have spent millions formulating less abrasive toothpastes and softer toothbrush bristles.

pictureThis, however, has done little to address the problem. The reason - none of these address the real problem - the brusher. Most people simply brush too hard without even knowing it.

The problem with softer toothbrush bristles and less abrasive toothpastes is that even the softest substance applied with great force over time can cause considerable damage. Consider the Grand Canyon. It was created by one of the softest substances known to man - water !

The Alert represents the first truly effective solution to stopping tooth brushing trauma.

Is the Alert easy to use?

The Alert is very easy to use. Use it just like any ordinary toothbrush. When you see the Alert's warning light, simply ease up on your brushing pressure. You don't even need a mirror to see the warning light.

Why can't I use a regular toothbrush and just lighten up on my brushing pressure?

First, you can not adequately determine the appropriate pressure needed to prevent tooth and gum damage. The Alert has been calibrated using data from scientific studies to ensure that you apply enough pressure to remove plaque but not enough to damage gums and teeth.

Secondly, brushing is a habit that has been formed since childhood and reinforced daily. You may be able to brush lightly for one or two brushings, but soon you would return to your regular brushing patterns. This is because brushing too hard is such an ingrained habit. The warning light on the Alert helps you break the habit.

I don't think I brush too hard. Do I still need the Alert?

The fact is that studies show the majority of people who thought they didn't brush too hard actually were brushing too hard damaging teeth and gums in the process.

How long does the Alert last?

The Alert lasts two to three times longer than a conventional toothbrush. The reason - because you don't brush as hard the bristles are not exposed to the pressure that conventional toothbrush bristles are exposed to. As a result they last longer.

In addition, the Alert toothbrush is composed of an advance polymer resin developed by the Eastman corporation. Unlike resins used in other toothbrushes, this resin is designed to withstand many of the harsher ingredients like peroxides and baking soda found in many of today's dental products.

Do I need a mirror to see the Alert light up?

Not at all. You will be able to see the warning light even without a mirror so you can use the Alert anywhere - brushing your teeth in the car on the way to work, as you rush through the house getting ready for your day, or on camping trips. Anywhere.

If my teeth are already sensitive. Will the Alert still help?

pictureYes, the Alert is great for people with sensitive teeth. Open pores in your teeth are responsible for tooth sensitivity. Many sensitivity products, like Sensodyne and a host of others, coax the minerals in your saliva to crystallize and cover these open pores.

Brushing too hard wears away these protective covers causing sensitivity to return. By using the Alert, you will use the right brushing pressure so as not to remove the protective coverings created by sensitivity coumpounds.

My gums have already started to recede. Will the Alert still help?

If your gums have already started to recede, you are an ideal candidate for the Alert. The very fact that your gums are receding means that you might brush too hard. In this case, the Alert is especially important for you because it will help prevent the gums from receding further.