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Alert features which protect your smile

The Alert was created to provide you with the safest and most effective brushing experience possible.

The Alert's state of the art features ensure excellent oral health and a smile that will last forever. In designing the Alert every effort was made to incorporate features which help prevent gum and tooth damage while effectively cleaning teeth and removing plaque.

Picture of Alert features which protect your smile

The Alert's patented microsensor is the heart and soul of the Alert toothbrush. It detects when the user is applying damaging pressure to the gums and teeth. When the user brushes too hard, the microsensor softly lights warning the user of the danger. This ensures that your teeth and gums will remain healthy and that your smile will last a lifetime.

Microsprings The Alert’s patented hinge mechanism incorporates microsprings which help absorb the force applied to teeth during brushing. Think of them as shock absorbers for your teeth. Incorporating the microsprings and utilizing an innovative design, the special hinge mechanism gives the Alert the only truly flexible handle in the industry. This creates a safer and more complete brushing experience for you and your family.

Polished Dupont Nylon Bristles
The Alert features soft-end polished nylon bristles which are gentle on gums and teeth. Polished bristle ends prevent injury to gums and the skin lining your mouth.

Advanced Polymer Resin The Alert is composed of an advanced plastic polymer created by the Eastman corporation (formerly Eastman Kodak). Unlike plastic polymers found in other toothbrushes, the polymer used in the Alert resists damage from new ingredients found in today's health care products. This allows the Alert to resist damage from alcohol, peroxide, and baking sodau found in many oral health care products.