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   women dental health

When it comes to great oral care, women should be aware of special situations which could affect their dental health.




portable dental careA Mother's Poor Oral Health Can Affect Her Unborn Child
Mother's with poor dental health run a significantly higher risk of having preterm, low birth weight pregnancies.

Dieting Could Damage
Your Smile

That summer time smile could wreck havoc on your smile. Find out what you can do.

Burning Mouth Syndrome
Once thought to be psychological in nature, Burning Mouth Syndrome has received renewed attention from the dental and medical communities.

How to Prevent the Pain of Dry Socket Syndrome
Women seeing the dentist for tooth extraction may want to find out how to prevent the excruciating pain of Dry Socket Syndrome.

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Disclaimer: The information contained within is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to serve as delivery of medical care. Those persons with specific medical questions should consult their dentist, doctor, or other medical care provider.

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