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women dental health 
Women's Dental Health
Burning Mouth Syndrome
portable dental careImagine your tongue on burning with pain for hours at time without knowing what is causing your torment. For some women this is a reality. Known as burning mouth syndrome, this condition affect primarily pre-menopausal women and can make life unbearable.

The burning pain often begins late in the morning and last well into the evening. The pain is often localized to the tongue, anterior palate or mucosal side of the lip and may be accompanied by dryness in the mouth or a strange bitter taste.

For years doctors thought the condiiton was only psychological in nature, but more recently, attention has been paid to indentifying physical causes of the pain. Unfortunately, the true cause of burning mouth syndrome is unknown.

Physicians have identified conditions that may be associated with or may potentially be the cause of burning mouth syndrome including candidiasis, diabetes, vitamin/mineral deficiencies (folic acid, iron, B12), and nerve injury. Doctor's should screen for these conditions when evaluating patients suffering with burning mouth syndrome. Treatment of these conditions, in some cases, can eliminate the pain of burning mouth syndrome.

Recent research at Case Western University University provides a ray of hope for canker sore sufferers. In a study of 30 patients, professor Miriam Grushka found significant reduction in pain in 43 percent of patients treated with clonazepam. An additional twenty seven percent of the patients found relief but discontinued clonazepam use due to side effects.

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