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You Can Now Eliminate Your Mortgage and Stop Foreclosure on Your Home By Legally Excercising Your Homeowner Rights... And We Can Help You!

Over 60 million mortgage loans in the United States are potentially fraudulent. That is over 50% of all of the mortgages in the country! If your loan is one of these mortgages, we can help you eliminate your mortgage.

The American homeowner is currently under siege due to the predatory lending practices employed by the US banking institutions and the current economic downturn. This combination of factors have led to a flood of foreclosures across America that have threatened literally millions of Americans. If you are one of these millions, you are not alone!

However, you may be unaware of your rights as a homeowner and the proper manner in which to exercise your rights legally to quickly and affordably save your home from foreclosure. The people at EliminateMyMortgage.com can help you by:

  • Educating You About Your Rights As A Homeowner
  • Assisting With The Legal Process Of Eliminating Your Mortgage

Your house is worth more to you than the money you owe on your mortgage. It is your home, where you live and raise your family. But to your bank it is simply an investment vehicle, a means to generate profit with minimum risk. Whether or not they have the legal right, they will attempt to foreclose and take away your home as quickly as possible.

Knowing your rights and how to execise your rights in a Court of Law are the crucial steps to immediately stopping the banks and saving your home from foreclosure.  The people at EliminateMyMortgage.com are here to help you with saving your home from foreclosure legally, quickly and permenantly.

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Learn More About Your Rights As A Homeowner

This website is filled with information concerning your rights as an American Homeowner.  (Homeowner Rights)

There are also sections that deal with the legal options that are available to you instead of foreclosure. 

(Short Sales, Died-in-Lieu, Quiet Title

Finally there are stories and videos available that will show you how banks are taking advantage of the uneducated homeowner to take away their homes, whether or not they have the legal right to do so. (Mortgage Fraud)

Please take the time to review our website and to learn more about your rights as a homeowner.

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