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Why Your Tongue Could Be A Bad Breath Incubator

Bad breath is caused by bacteria which inhabit our mouths. These "stink factories" feast on left over food particles, expelling the volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) responsible for bad breath.

Brushing and flossing remove the bacterial "stink factories" from our teeth and gums but these unwelcome guests have found the perfect hiding place - YOUR TONGUE. Yes, your tongue is teeming with millions of these bacteria each pouring out loads of stench.

Why do many Americans produce two immaculate, shining rows of teeth separated by an organ [the tongue] covered with millions of microorganisms, emitting a strong malodor

Gordon Christensen, D.D.S., Ph.D

No wonder people spend inordinate amounts of time brushing their teeth or small fortunes in breath mints and sprays only to find that their breath still offends.

They are missing the largest reservoir of odor - their own tongues. Your tongue is like a thick plush carpet - a FILTHY plush carpet crawling with bacteria. Clinical studies have shown tongue cleaning to be critical to obtaining the freshest breath possible.

Tongue cleaners easily and quickly remove unwanted bacteria and debris from your tongue. Think of them as a vacuum cleaner for your mouth. Just thirty seconds, twice a day will guarantee you fresher breath.
Tongue cleaning has been the most effective way of eliminating bad breath for over 300 years in nations throughout the world. Tongue cleaning is still in use today because it works. In fact, the American Dental Association actually recommends tongue cleaning for better oral health.
We recommend the BreathAID Tongue Cleaner and the Oralgiene Tongue Cleaner. Our staff has determined that these provide the most effective and easiest tongue cleaning experience.

You Must See It To Believe It.

Most people are shocked and horrified when they use a tongue cleaner for the first time because they actually see the bacterial accumulation and debris as it is being removed from their tongue. Never did they think such grotesque material was living on their tongues.

The Hidden Benefits of Tongue Cleaning

Hold onto your seat because the most healthy benefit of tongue cleaning is not fresh breath. You see the germ reservoir that is your tongue is a launching pad to serious health problems.
Long standing bacteria not removed by daily oral care, such as the bacteria on your tongue, become harmful and produce toxins. These toxins cause inflammation and destruction of gum tissue. This is known as periodontal disease and can lead to receding gums and tooth loss.
Bacteria and their toxins not only attack gum tissue, but certain species of bacteria can move down into the throat causing debilitating and painful Strep Throat.
By using the BreathAid or Oralgiene Tongue Cleaner you can clean your tongue cesspool and ensure a healthy smile and a healthier body.

Foods taste better

Did your know that your food experience is being muted ? Imagine smelling with your nose , looking through dirty sunglasses, or trying to hear with ear plugs. That's exactly what happens when we eat.
The mass of debris and bacteria which cover our tongues actually makes it more difficult for food to reach our taste buds. Tongue cleaning clears the tongue allowing food to more easily reach our taste buds.
The result - food actually tastes better !!! Make your food come alive. Enjoy the true nature and flavor of food.
Fresher Breath, better health, and an enhanced food tasting experience - all with simple tongue cleaning.