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Where Bad Breath Comes From and How to Prevent It

Your mouth is a teeming jungle of micro-organisms. Growing on your teeth, gums, and tongue these organisms have names like S. mutans and P. gingivitis

Millions of these microscopic monsters feast on food left on teeth and gums. Ungrateful guests, these bacteria pour out putrid smelling volatile sulfur compounds (the very same compounds which cause rotten eggs and decaying matter to smell).

These volatile sulfur compounds give breath its foul odor!

You have two choices, continue to suffer with bad breath or learn how to fight it.

The Keys To Fighting Bad Breath: Your Path to a Fresh Smelling Smile

Key 1: Eliminate Awful Smelling Volatile Sulfur Compounds:

It's no wonder that most mints, sprays, and mouthwashes do little to eliminate bad breath. They simply cover up bad breath smell, usually for less than an hour.

Imagine spraying air freshener on top of a bag of garbage. Do you really expect the garbage to smell fresh afterwards? The same thing happens as we use sprays and breath mints, hoping in vain that they'll eliminate bad breath.

In order to wipe out bad breath, you need products which wipe out volatile sulfur compounds, not cover them up.

Recently, a new line of products featuring patented chlorine dioxide actually attacks volatile sulfur compounds at the molecular level rendering the volatile sulfur compounds harmless.
Chlorine dioxide has been used for decades to purify city water supplies. This powerful odor fighting ingredient can now be found in the CloSYSII line of products including CloSYSII mouthwash, breath spray, and toothpaste. If you truly want to fight bad breath, use CloSYSII.

Key 2: Eliminate the Micro-Organisms Which Produce Volatile Sulfur Compounds:

Clearing your mouth of its micro-organism jungle is the job of everyday oral care. While almost everyone brushes, people commonly skip two practices which allow volatile sulfur producing organisms to escape and thrive. These include:
FLOSSING: One of the most important things you can do to prevent bad breath is to floss daily. We miss nearly forty percent of tooth surfaces when we brush without flossing! Imagine washing only sixty percent of your body while missing the other forty percent day after day. Sooner or later people would notice ! The same thing happens in our mouth as bacteria build up between our teeth, producing ever increasing amounts of volatile sulfur compounds..
Dentists suggest that you floss at least once a day. Try using dental floss which doesn't shred. We suggest Glide dental floss because it is made of gortex. Gortex floss slides easily through teeth without shredding. If you don't like using dental floss, try an electric flosser. These devices make flossing quick and easy.
CLEANING YOUR TONGUE: While brushing and flossing are crucial first steps, they do not always eliminate bad breath. This is because odor causing bacteria hide deep within the crevices of your tongue.
Using a tongue cleaner removes bacteria which reside on your tongue. We suggest the BreathAID Tongue Cleaner or the Oralgiene Electric Tongue Cleaner. A few seconds using either of these devices could mean incredibly fresher breath.