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Why Millions Are Wasted on Mints, Sprays, and Mouthwashes

Consumer product companies spend millions trying to convince you that their breath mints, mouthwashes, and breath sprays will eliminate bad breath. Unfortunately, these products at best briefly cover up bad breath and at worst make bad breath worse.

Dragon Breath or the fear of it has Americans spending $1 billion a year on mouthwashes, breath mints, sprays, drops, gums, and other products that they hope will mask an obnoxious mouth odor. But experts say that most of these expenditures are a waste, at best reducing bad breath for an hour

Jane E. Brody
New York Times - March 1997

Don't Cover Up Bad Breath - Attack It At The Source !

Bad breath is caused by bacteria which inhabit our mouths. These "stink factories" feast on left over food particles expelling the volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) responsible for bad breath.

Conventional mouthwashes, mints, and sprays only cover up volatile sulfur compounds - usually for less than an hour. In fact, mouthwashes can actually make bad breath worse.
Most mouthwashes contain a high percentage of alcohol which dries out the mouth, making it even more hospitable to odor causing bacteria.
While conventional products are highly ineffective at eliminating the stench of bad breath, a new breed of mouthwashes and products fight bad breath with chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide actually destroys the volatile sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath. The result - truly fresh breath.