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CLOSYSII Fresh Breath Toothpaste

You get fresher breath in one day, guaranteed.
Over the counter mouthwashes don't even come close to the freshening power of CloSYSII toothpaste. In fact, CloSYSII toothpaste has a formula so powerful that its protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You'll get fresh breath or your money back.

CloSYSII professional toothpaste provides unsurpassed breath freshening power combined with a powerful tooth whitening formulation. Scientifically formulated, CloSYSII toothpaste destroys the molecules responsible for your bad breath.

Used daily, CloSYSII toothpaste brightens your smile and freshens your breath for up to FIVE HOURS LONGER than store-bought products.


How CloSYSII Toothpaste Works, The Key to Your Freshest Smile Ever

Millions of bacteria (germs) live in your mouth. Feeding on food particles, these miniature monsters produce volatile sulfur compounds. It is these volatile sulfur compounds that cause your bad breath. Unlike conventional mouthwashes and breath sprays that attempt to cover up the smell of volatile sulfur compounds, the active chlorine dioxide in CloSYSII toothpaste destroys these compounds on contact.

This same ingredient has been used to safely sanitize city water supplies for years. Now it works to give you the freshest smile ever. And because bad breath is destroyed instead of covered up, you'll enjoy fresh breath for up to FIVE HOURS LONGER than conventional mouthwashes, breath sprays, and breath mints.

CloSYSII Toothpaste Whitens Your Teeth, Giving You a Stunning Smile

The oxygenating power of chlorine dioxide combined with hydrated silicas gives CloSYSII toothpaste unparalleled whitening power - So powerful that dentists and hygienists use CloSYSII toothpaste as a professional polishing agent. You enjoy fresh breath while also getting a brilliant white smile. People will think you spent hundreds of dollars bleaching your teeth.

Safer Than Conventional Toothpastes

Tough on bad breath but gentle on your smile, CloSYSII Toothpaste is safer for everyday brushing than store-bought brands.

CloSYSII Toothpaste Protects You From Painful Mouth Sores (Canker Sores):

CloSYSII is one of only six toothpastes that DOES NOT contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), a cheap industrial strength detergent used to clean floors. While great on floors, research shows that SLS actually damages the inside of the mouth and can lead to mouth ulcers (canker sores). Thousands of people have bought CloSYSII toothpaste just to prevent these painful mouth ulcers (canker sores).

CloSYSII Toothpaste Protects You From Tooth Sensitivity:

Conventional toothpastes can be too abrasive, damaging tooth enamel. As a result of this damage, your teeth become sensitive to heat, cold, and other stimuli. In fact, the first thing dentists will do for patients suffering with sensitive teeth is to have them switch to a less abrasive toothpaste.

CloSYSII Toothpaste is one of the least abrasive toothpastes on the market. Abrasivity is is measured by the Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA). CloSYSII's low RDA value means protection for you against enamel damage and tooth sensitivity.

No Hassle Guarantee Means You Try CloSYSII Toothpaste Risk Free

If you're not absolutely delighted with the results you get with CloSYSII Toothpaste, return it within 30 days for a complete and courteous refund. Try CloSYSII toothpaste for 30 days and you can return the unused portion for a complete refund.

How can we offer such a generous return policy? Since offering this refund policy over two years ago, fewer than .3% of people have returned their order - that's less than 1 in 250 people - powerful testimony to the effectiveness of CloSYSII toothpaste.

Stop wasting money on useless mouthwashes, breathsprays, and breath mints that only cover up bad breath for a few minutes, when you can have CloSYSII toothpaste - fresh breath protection for up to five hours longer! Have CloSYSII Toothpaste Rushed To You

Until recently, CloSYSII was available only in your dentist's office. Now you can purchase it here directly at SaveYourSmile. Click the link below to order online or, if you chose, call our toll free number at 1-888-891-1326 ( Monday-Saturday 9am - 9pm).

Don't you deserve fresh, clean, kissable breath? Join the millions of people who've conquered bad breath once and for all. You get unparalleled breath fighting power, professional strength whitening power, as well as protection from mouth ulcers and tooth sensitivity - all risk free. Let the power of CloSYSII Toothpaste work for you. You'll receive three 3.5 oz tubes of breath freshening toothpaste for only $29.95 + $3.95 S/H.

Professional CloSYSII Chlorine Dioxide Toothpaste

  • Not available in stores. This is the same professional toothpaste dentists give to their patients
  • Doesn't just cover up bad breath but actually utilizes chlorine dioxide to destroy bad breath particles.
  • Provides fresh breath for up to five hours longer than regular toothpastes, mouthwashes, and breathsprays
  • 100% no hassle, money back guarantee
  • Contains no SLS to provide protection against mouth ulcers
  • Low abrasivity to protect against enamel loss and sensitive teeth
  • Usually ships next business day via US Priority Mail
100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisified that this product has not produced your freshest breath possible.