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Nu-Breath Breath Mints

Do You Smoke, Drink Alcohol or Enjoy Eating Onions and Garlic?

Quick call for help, but until help arrives get Nu-Breath. Nu-Breath is one of the strongest breath mints on the market specifically for eliminating odor from smoking, drinking, and certain foods. It actually gives you new breath !

Do you like to smoke but don't like the smell on your breath after you finish? Does your spouse smoke and then want to KISS YOU ? Nu-Breath doesn't just cover up the smell of smoke from your breath, it BINDS TO AND REMOVES THE SMELL from your breath. Even onion lovers and people suffering from chronic bad breath can find relief with Nu-Breath.

You'll get three boxes of mints for $7 + S/H. We can't say enough about the effects of this product without making you skeptical, so you will have to try it for yourself. After your first try, you will be hooked!!

Nu-Breath Breath Mints

  • One of the strongest mints on the market
  • Imported from Sweden
  • Comes with 100% money back guarantee
  • Usually ships next business day