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Solar Power Plant Diagram Article:

How Energy Piles Combined With Solar Power Would Need No Other Power To Heat All Our Homes
By Steve Evans
Once installed an energy (heat) pile uses the heat contained in shallow ground (earth energy) to directly heat or cool houses and offices, since the temperature inside the ground tends to stay at the yearly average. Therefore, in the winter the ground is warmer than the air and can be used to heat a building, and in the summer the ground is cooler than the air and can act as an air conditioner.

If you think about it, an energy pile acts like a thermal flywheel, holding and releasing heat energy when we want to to, in order to keep us warm or cool.

Fossil fuels and electricity cost a lot, and they're getting more expensive all the time, energy piles will at least ensure that users can save money and make best use of the remaining reserves of these fuels.

Solar energy costs nothing; we get it for free from the sun, and it will last as long as the sun continues to shine, but so far we don't have a really low cost, efficient, safe and non-polluting way of collecting and storing it. If we could store it in a hydrogen fuel cell, in our buildings from day to night, summer to winter, to use it when we need it for heating and power, all our buildings could be self sustaining in energy. Unfortunately, scientists and technologists have not got us to that point yet.

Energy piles can bring this closer while the fuel cell technology for solar energy storage that the scientists have promised us, is developed. The investment made in these piles
will still pay back handsomely on their investment even after the solar and fuel cell revolution has been achieved when they will still very efficiently maximize the usefulness of solar power.

Fossil fuels are limited! Scientists estimate oil will run out within 40 years and coal within 250 years so we would be wise to use the reserves that remain efficiently. So, there is every reason for you to invest in an energy pile for your property, and save yourself ever increasing sums of money as energy prices continue to rise!

During the past years particularly in Austria concrete construction components were utilized in functional and economically feasible heating and cooling systems. Concrete core activation was at one time only worthwhile in economic terms when it is also to be used for cooling, but rising oil and gas prices have changed all that.

It is already happening as well. Earth energy from energy piles is currently being used to heat a 2,600 m2 office building in downtown Toronto. Forty-three vertical boreholes were drilled below the building, supplying heat to 15 heat pumps in the lower levels or suspended in the building ceilings.

So called, earth energy is one of the most efficient renewable energy systems available, and is always available for use, when solar cells coupled with hydrogen fuel cell storage arrives, we will be able to heat and cool all our homes and offices forever - well at least until the sun burns out!
Steve Evans is a frequent poster to the Renewable Energy News blog. He knows what he is talking about when he talks energy. Steve says that you can also save money on your home fuel bills, and cut your home fuel costs easily here.
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