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Affordable Solar Power Article:

Solar And Wind Power: A Solution For The Homes Energy Needs
By Ashley Patrick

One big factor that hinders people in their quest for alternative energy sources is the amount of money involved. Past experiences have proven that one will have to count years and thousands of dollars on investment before any profit is realized in building a solar or a wind power system. Nonetheless, there is but another means to utilize the abundant natural energy that we have at a relatively cheaper price. It is more economical in the sense that you will install the system yourself and need not hire an outside company to do it for you.
Ultimately, the advantages of solar and wind power must first be discussed. A household should have both systems since it is not guaranteed that the sun will always shine o that the wind will always blow. At night when there is no sun, you can still produce free electricity through your wind power generator.
The foremost benefit of solar power is the efficiency that it brings especially when the weather is mostly sunny. In addition, there are no movable components making it easier to maintain. If the area where you are from has the sun present 80% of the time, then it is far better to use solar panels for your energy source. Nonetheless, it is still better to have both the wind and the sun for your homes energy needs.
On the contrary, wind power
or wind generator is of greater benefit if your home is located in an area where there is a lot of wind. In most cases, wind turbines are built up above the tree line to make sure that enough wind is acquired. If the wind speed is 5 miles per hour or more, this can already generate electric power. Furthermore, with the use of a good generator, your electric bill will even lessen drastically.
For the abovementioned systems, you have the option to choose whether your system will be directly connected to your power grid (this makes your meter rotate backwards when there is more energy produced by your system) or if you intend to store the extra electricity into batteries with high capacity. The electric power that will be produced unfortunately is in DC form of current, therefore, a converter is needed in order to transform the DC current into AC that is being utilized in the home.
You have to remember that you can build your solar or wind power generator at a minimum cost. You can take advantage of the kits that are sold in the market nowadays. Moreover, you can research from websites about the set up instructions and improvements. Constructing your own solar and wind power generator is a good idea in line with todays economic crisis. It has been proven to be both economical and effective.
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