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List Of Pros And Cons About Solar Power Article:

Solar Power - Use Earth For Your Energy, It's Cheaper
By Amanda Isbitt
Over the past fifteen years or so, the cost of producing solar energy has halved. This is largely due to rapidly advancing technology, resulting in smaller and cheaper cells. While these photovoltaic cells have become smaller and cheaper, they have at the same time become immensely more efficient. With the help of modern technology, these cells are now able to focus the sunlight they trap onto an extremely concentrated area.

Solar power is without a doubt, one of the most environmentally friendly energy resources in the world today. Of course with all the current concern regarding global warming, producing zero emissions rates high on the agenda. By taking advantage of the technology we have available, we are able to utilize natural sunlight, provided free of charge with compliments from the sun. Thanks to the efficiency of today's photovoltaic cells, it's become ever more practical and financially viable to place these solar power systems on home rooftops. Once installed, you can be sure of a virtually trouble free system, capable of providing you with electricity, central heating and even hot water.

The photovoltaic cells used today have advanced to such an extent, that they are now able to gather adequate radiation from the sun even during periods when the skies are overcast. In particular, a company known as Uni-Solar has created a system specifically for these adverse weather conditions. This technologically advanced system allows for a higher rate of energy storage during days
on which strong sunlight is present.

In addition to the common solar power systems we see, there is another system available in certain areas, known as a PV System. Not only does this system provide your own home with electricity but any excess energy is transferred to your local grid. This is achieved by linking your system directly to the grid and of course, it helps reduce the drain on your supplier's production facility. In the event that your home is connected to a PV system you get to benefit from reduced costs rather than free electricity as you would with a conventional system. Another advantage of the PV system is that, the more people who share excess energy, the less pollution. Due to the potential of these systems, we are now starting to see some areas designing dedicated centralized systems to serve small towns or villages.

Google recently announced their intention of installing an impressive 1.6 megawatt system on the roof of their corporate headquarters. This was followed shortly after by a similar announcement from Wal-Mart, a sure sign that large businesses are weighing up the financial benefits as well.

Many first world countries have long since been providing incentives for using solar power. These incentives have been in the form of subsidies or various tax breaks. Of course, as technology continues to advance, solar power will become more and more financially viable and in so doing, the number of people using this free green energy will without a doubt increase.
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