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Save Electricity With Solar Power
By Ethan1 K.1
Alternative Fuels - Conserve The Environment

Alternative fuels like ethanol and biodiesel are increasingly finding a place in the world for a varied amount of uses.

Traditional sources of energy are becoming more expensive and it is not possible that we can continue with the current consumption rate for a very long period of time. More and more people are now relying on alternative sources of energy for saving the energy of the world. Ethanol is being used by more and more citizens of the world. Even alternative fuels are finding their place in the households of a large number of people across the world.

Solar energy is becoming a common source of energy because people have started to realize that a nation cannot remain dependent on petrol and other non-renewable sources of energy for a very long period of time.

Petrol and diesel are very costly sources of energy and filling up petrol tanks is not possible every time. The world’s economy is progressing at a very fast rate and the supply of natural resources can get depleted at any point in time. Wind energy farms have started to dot the landscape of many countries around the world. solar energy panels are now used to run different kinds of home appliances from water fountains, irons, cars, and multi-range cooking panels. All over the world there is an increasing awareness about the damage done to the environment for the past many years. An increasing consciousness has arisen among the global community regarding pollution and the rareness of environmental responsibility.

Almost all the nations around the world have woken up to the fact that an increasing reliance on
the renewable resources like biodiesel is better for safeguarding the environment. Although the earlier concept of tree huggers has wiped out, people are relying more and more on the pollution-free alternative fuels. Putting fuel back into petrol pumps is costing enormous amounts of money and is not exactly affordable to every nation.

Ethanol is a petrol alternative fuel that is prepared from the alteration of carbon founded feedstocks like switch grass, sugar beets, barley, sugar cane and corn. It is advantageous for the environment and can be easily used in exchange for the polluting petroleum made traditional fuels. Ethanol can be used in different forms in the pure 100% form and in different combinations by mixing it up with gasoline. Combinations of ethanol are available at most gas stations. It is also used as an additive for an oxygenate form of gasoline.

Biodiesel is becoming a very popular source of hybrid fuel options that are available for consumption as rich energy sources. Biodiesel is a non-petroleum-made diesel fuel incorporating a dumpy chain alkyl containing ethyl or methyl esters, which are made by transesterification of the vegetable made oils like groundnut oil, mustard oil, and ghee.

Biodiesel is a completely different kind of a fuel, which is quite distinct from the straight vegetable oil, the used vegetable oil, and the pure plant oil. Biodiesel is more of a mono-alkyl based ester, which is used in transformed diesel vehicles like the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Mercury Mariner Hybrid, and Saturn Vue Hybrid. In short, biodiesel is a different kind of scientifically prepared fuel quite different from the diesel-made fuel family.

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