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Solar Power For Homes Article:

Home Solar Power Answers
By Mark Holliday
Solar power is the most abundant free source of energy available to us. It's time to start using solar power instead of depleting our non-renewable energy sources even further. In addition to being plentiful, solar energy is much more friendly to the environment. The main reason that most people don't take advantage of solar energy is because they think it is too much of a hassle, and too expensive, to install solar power solutions into their homes. However, it is easier than you think to start using solar power in your home...and it will help lower your power bills!

Here are some of the home solar power options available right now:

Solar Cookers: Solar cookers use the solar energy as a power source to cook food. Don't think that solar cookers limit the variety of food that you can cook! You can boil, bake, and roast food with solar cookers. The one downside of solar cookers is that they take longer to cook than other cooking utensils. However, because they are powered by free energy, it doesn't
cost you more money to use it longer.

Home Solar Lighting Systems: These systems use solar cells to convert and store solar energy. During the day the solar cells capture and store energy from the sun in the cells, so that you can use the energy at night, too. Installing a home solar lighting system will allow to light your home for free.

Home Solar Heating Systems: You can also use solar power to heat your home, saving even more money on your electricity bill and saving the world's energy that is being quickly used up. People usually have two concerns about home solar heating sytems: that they are expensive and that they will make your home look bad. However, these are not usually problems for owners of solar heating systems. Usually, the investment in the solar heating system is returned in 4 years or less, and after that the heat to your home is free. Also, companies that make solar heating systems pay attention to the way that their systems look, and make it a priority to make systems that look good.
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