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Bp Solar Article:

Advantages Of Solar Power Books
By Ashish Arora
With the slowing down of economy and shortage of money in people’s hand, it is the right time to invest in some other cost effective and free source of energy so that we can save huge money monthly and forever. We know that solar energy or sun’s energy is available to all of us round the year and if we make a solar generator using the instructions available in solar power books, we will start generating virtually free energy and can save hundreds of dollars every month on our electricity bills.

Although a readymade solar power kit is available in the market, however the cost of the kit is more than $3000, which is sometimes higher than the electricity bills for whole year and therefore instead of going for a readymade kit, you can assemble a solar power generator using solar power books yourself. These solar power books provide you each and every instruction in details so that once you go through these, you can assemble and install a generator your own.

So, using solar power books, you will not only produce electricity cheaply, however
the other main advantage of solar electricity is that while producing it, you don’t cause any pollution to environment. The conventional sources of energy such coal, gas and oil produces large number of pollutants including green house gases, oxides of sulfur, particulate matters etc. Thus if we produce more and more solar energy, we will not only reduce our electricity bills but at the same time we will do a great job by protecting our environment from these pollutants and will contribute towards making our earth a better place to live.

So, using solar power books available at Internet, you can make solar panels and after installing these as per the instructions provided in the DIY guide, you can start producing electricity at marginal investment of $200. You have a scope of reducing your electricity bills by 80 percent and therefore if you have not yet taken a decision, take a quick decision and save $3000 on initial investment. Use solar power books for assembling the solar generator and reduce hefty amounts each month on your electricity bills.
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