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Solar Power Energy Article:

Support Obama's New Energy Plan For America ... Diy Electricity
By Chris McGee
Renewable energy technology focuses on energy that is replaced as it is being used, such as solar energy and wind energy. Bill and Hillary Clinton supported all forms of this kind of energy. They knew what was happening to our world and fought hard back then to encourage renewable energy uses. They supported Renewable energy technology because they knew it could minimize our effects of global warming, help alleviate financial stress and create a world less depend on fossil fuels.

There is a new energy plan for America ... Obama's administration is probably going to include Dan Reicher, director of climate change and energy initiatives at Google, former assistant energy secretary in charge of efficiency and renewable energy programs in the Clinton administration.

Nearly 30 states, including Florida, are forging plans to boost renewable energy and slash greenhouse gases. Business leaders nationwide have called for a clear, nationwide policy. A political consensus has emerged in Washington that something must be done. Wal-Mart chief executive H. Lee Scott Jr. has vowed that the retailer will eventually be completely supplied by renewable energy.

The International Energy Agency's (IEA) annual World Energy Outlook, released Nov. 12, 2008 projects that global energy demand
will increase by 45% between 2006 and 2030  and that $26 trillion in power-supply investments will be necessary simply to meet those needs.  greenhouse gas emissions will rise 45% by 2030, and extreme global warming would be virtually unavoidable.

Ever want to own your own business? Conservation is still a huge, largely untapped market. When you learn how to easily set up wind and solar power energy solution for very cheap ... by offering sun and wind energy to others, learning the ins and outs can make you a good living. Alternative energy will grow jobs and business's in our future ... the time is now.

Please support an elected official who supports alternative energy and educate yourself and everyone you know about the advantages of using alternative energy at home. Earth takes care of you, you also need to take care of it. You can support our President, our future and our planet by doing your part.

Of course I support the new energy plan for America ... I also support any person who starts doing something on an individual level right now! There are no excuses, there is loads of information to help anyone build home made energy devices like wind turbines or solar panels. Home made wind turbines and solar panels are being build and installed by people like you every day.
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