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Heat Balance Diagram Solar Power Plant Article:

Proficiency Of Solar Power
By Roberto Bell
Solar powered lights function according to a incredibly straightforward principle. They receive the light from the sun and convert the energy it contains into electricity which is utilized to charge a battery. When it grow dark a light receptive switch causes the solar light to come on. The light is powered by the electricity saved in the battery and will continue to be illuminated until all the charge in the battery is utilized.

This is uncomplicated in concept but the technologynecessary to make this happen is not so simple and only of late it has become promising to produce solar lights that are small, efficient and cheap enough to be affordable by nearly all consumers. Each light or set of lights will have a very small solar panel to grasp the rays of the sun. The solar cells in the solar panel use the photovoltaic effect to convert the light they receive into electricity. Exclusive electronics then uses this electricity to charge the battery, which is mainly part of the solar panel or light unit.

The solar cell is the most important part of the technology used in all solar panels and it is continually being researched to find enhanced and more efficient ways to convert sun light into electricity.
Over time this will definitely be improved upon and solar lights will then become much brighter and illuminate for much longer. The light sensitive switch and the electronics which manages the release of the battery's electricity are fairly standard components although over time they too will be improved to grant more efficient solar lighting for everyone.

The solar panel, whether a separate mini panel or incorporated into the light unit, must be fixed so that it receives sun light during the day. If it is located in the shade it will not work. Neverthless the solar panels on most outdoor solar lights will now work on cloudy days though not quite as well as on a day with a clear sky.

Science and technology and improved construction processes means that advance of solar lights will continue far in to the future, so expect to see more and more innovative uses for solar powered lights particularly when the power and amount of the light beam is improved beyond what it is now. Whichever way you look at it solar powered lights are here to stay and will only get better with time giving us all the chance to light areas outside our home with zero electricity costs, which has to be a good thing.
The Author is wind & solar energy specialist and supports photovoltaic solar power & windmills and Yoga & Meditation.
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