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Water Power Article:

Green Fuels - Hydo Power
By D L Wilson
Green Power is the term that refers to any form of electricity from a sustainable source, such as hydro Power, , wind Power, , solar power, .

Wind Power uses massive wind mills that turn powerful turbines, usually found in large scale wind farms, to create an effective amount of power all over the world, providing power to remote regions. , Siemens has 6,300 wind turbines all over the world, including their offshore wind Farms., A report from Siemens USA states that Wind power is the quickest growing power source in the world. ,

Hydro-power or water power has been in use for hundreds of years and is still the most popular form of power used today. The downfall of this has been that electric plants could only be erected near a water supply and a river would have to be dammed up to create a water fall to turn the turbines. This gives hydro power a limited range for users. , Clean Power may be purchased in some 30 states, unfortunately, not in all 50 of them, from an alternative electricity supplier. Even if your state doesn't offer alternative power, you may still be able to buy green energy certificates. This means that you might have to transfer from your current power company in order to purchase these green tags.

Solar power takes power from the sun and converts this power into electricity. , Solar power has been used for many years, mostly to heat water heaters and swimming pools; they have recently created solar panels that heat residential homes. You can buy mobile solar panels that may be installed on caravans, motorhomes and Boats. , Solar panels are cheaper today than in previous years.

With all the types of power
we have today, people are still researching a more efficient and cheaper source of power due to the continued use of fossil energy polluting the earth's atmosphere. After many years of research and development, a new power cell, called the EFOY (Energy For You), has been developed by the company SFC (Smart Fuel Cell). This new power cell is quiet,, light weight,, environmentally friendly, and it is fully automatic, it can produce power for caravans, , cars, , boats, and motor homes. There is a distinct difference between a battery and a fuel cell. A fuel cell converts chemical energy directly to electrical energy by using a liquid fuel (methanol) as its power source. They work efficiently at low temperatures, which make fuel cells more suitable for mobile uses, as it can be used as a generator when no other power is available, and it is totally maintenance free. This low cost energy efficient fuel cell is now available from TSW Comsat, a company in the UK that provides green power equipment.

This article has been produced by TSW-COMSAT ( ) to promote the use of green power and fuel. The EFOY power cell is avaliable at Any requests for information should go to

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