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National Indoor Stadium
By livebeijingupdates
Olympic Green has a series of landmarks notable for their futuristic design. An Olympic Stadium that has a shape of bird’s nest, a swimming venue literally built on bubbles and National Indoor Stadium located in the southern part of Olympic village resembles the unfurled traditional Chinese folding fan.

National Indoor Stadium has an overall building area of 80,900 square meters with a capacity to hold 18,000 spectators for events like Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline and Handball competitions. In Paralympic games, Stadium will be the venue for Basketball competition.

The Folding Fan has a steel roof composed of 14 steel beams weighing a total of 2,800 tons and stretches 144 meters in height with a width of 114 meters.

National Indoor Stadium project was given to Beijing Urban Construction Co. Ltd in November 2003 and its subsidiary, Beijing Guoao Investment Development Co. Ltd took charge of design, financing, construction and delivering of the National Indoor Stadium to Olympic Village.

The cement planks and the glass walls gives National Indoor Stadium the best acoustics
across the globe. The air conditioning system is specially designed for noise reduction, creating superior playing conditions for athletes.

The Indoor stadium has a low-emissivity glass wall of 19,000-sq-m which constitutes frame glass curtain, point support glass and aluminum glassware providing improved energy efficiency and better insulation. At the back of glass curtain 1,124 solar panels create a hidden photovoltaic system which has the capacity of generating 90 watts of power or 100 kilowatts of energy per day. The stadium uses renewable energy resources at its best through a water pump heating system, fresh air ventilation and loads of natural light glows the arena and hence helps the cause of Green Olympics.

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