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Beijing Science And Technology Gymnasium
By livebeijingupdates
The University of Science and Technology Gymnasium comprises of a central gymnasium (50m X 25 m), swimming pool and has a total building area of 24,662m. Gymnasium has a capacity of accommodating 8,012 spectators for events of Judo and Taekwondo for summer Olympics and Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Basketball for Paralympic Games.

The gymnasium design is in accordance with the concept of Green Olympics taking full usage of rainwater, sunlight, fresh air. The facility is built with solar-powered hot water system and a reclaimed water system. The most staggering feature of Beijing Science and Technology Gymnasium is installation of 148 fiber optic light pipes, the highest in any
Beijing Olympic venue. On a sunny day fibers will supply enough light for events happening in Gymnasium hence decreasing pressure on power grid.

The facilities in
the Beijing Science and Technology Gymnasium are up with the standards marked by IOC. The sports facility was designed by Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute which completed in two years time starting in October 2005 and saw completion in August 2007. After the Olympics the gymnasium will become multipurpose recreation facility for sports activities, aquatics and fitness training. The facility will be also used to host major international events.

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