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Wind Power To The Rescue
By davet
Wind power turbines could very well be the answer to your electricity bill woes. Energy prices continue to rise, and, unless you have an abundance of money to accommodate these prices, it may be time to find alternate renewable energy sources. With the aid of the very thing that blows naturally in your environment, you can not only eliminate, or at least reduce, your electric bill, you may even be able to earn money in the process.

The kinetic energy that flows in great quantity within the wind can be converted using a wind generator that utilizes a DC motor. When the wind starts blowing, the fan blades of the wind turbine begin to turn. It may be obvious that the more the wind blows, the more energy is created. A common fallacy that prevents many from creating their own wind-powered electricity is that a
great deal of wind is needed on a very consistent basis. In reality, light breezes will operate a turbine. The wind can also be stored within storage batteries for future use as well. Especially windy days will ultimately produce more power that can be stored for days when the wind is very still.

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