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How To Make A Romantic Bedroom
By Roberto Bell
The most important place in your home for romance is the bedroom. For some this is simple, however, we aren't all storybook characters living fantasy lives. Rekindling your love life and your marriage by adding simple romantic touches to your bedroom takes some planning, but the results are more than worth the effort.

If you have the budget and want the best results in the shortest time, then hiring interior decorators is a good idea. After all, it is there job to make the most out of the least. A professional can create an atmosphere that your wife will feel comfortable and sexy in.

Even if you have none of the interior design skills you imagine are needed and you don't have the cash to hire a designer for your bedroom, you can follow these easy pointers to make your average, dull bedroom into an atmosphere for romance:

* Dim The Lights. Dimmed lights can make a room into a romantic getaway. dim lighting sets a relaxing, comforting and sensual vibe for your bedroom.

* A Cozy Bed. An easy way to make your bedroom more romantic is by making your bed more comfortable. It's time to get rid of that worn out comforter and buy a new comforter with high quality fabrics. Since the impact on your romantic bedroom is so important, this is an item you should not skimp on. Another important factor is to get a pattern that she thinks is romantic - remember: this is to enhance her romantic drive.

* Nothing sets a romantic tone better than great, slow or soft, music. Get a small CD player with nice sounding speakers and a remote. Choose music that your wife finds sensual and romantic - if you don't know, then just
ask her.

* The best romantic lighting is candle light. Just be sure to get calming, gentle scents - not strong scents. You want a calming atmosphere for romance.

* Instead of focusing just on decorating the bedroom, a great romantic idea is to decorate your wife as well - with some lingerie. Consider the fabrics, styles and colors that will Be sure to get styles she feels comfortable in. You want her to feel sexy, not self conscious.

Every couple is different, so not every romantic idea will work for everyone. Trying new things is what is important. See what works best for you and your wife. Don't be afraid to make changes to adjust to your wife's moods and needs and you'll find a huge improvement in your romantic life by simply making these changes in your bedroom.

If you get stuck, a great resource for romantic bedroom ideas is in magazines showing romantic bedrooms and pictures of bed and breakfast hotel rooms, which are designed to maximize romantic pleasure. The options are endless when you want to make your bedroom a romantic haven.

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