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The Benefits Of Using Solaris Polycarbonate For Conservatories
By Matthew Davis
Solaris Polycarbonate:

Conservatories can be great investments in your home, adding value to your property and offering luxurious living space for relaxing or entertaining, however, choosing the right polycarbonate in your conservatory roof is essential if you want to benefit from year round use of your extra space.

For instance, did you know that up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy can pass directly through a standard polycarbonate conservatory roof creating an uncomfortable ‘greenhouse effect’ inside? As a result of this your conservatory could become unbearably hot, furniture and fabrics will fade, you will have to put up with the sun’s glare as well as contend with harmful UV rays!

By using Solaris Polycarbonate, with its integral solar protection, we can prevent up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy from entering your conservatory through the roof helping to maintain a comfortable internal temperature. Solaris Polycarbonate will also reduce the suns glare by up to 80%, further increasing comfort levels in your conservatory and cut out over 99% of UV rays.

In addition, as standard polycarbonate has a very poor U Value, much of the heat that you generate through the colder, winter months will be lost through the roof. However, with our Solaris Polycarbonate roof, a large proportion of rising heat is radiated back into your conservatory, helping to maintain comfortable temperatures and thus reducing your heating costs.

No maintenance

As Solaris Polycarbonate is an integral part of the conservatory it requires no additional cleaning or maintenance. It will continue provide effective solar protection for the lifetime of the polycarbonate. Also, it should prevent the need to fit costly internal roof blinds which are associated with problems such as dust and dead flies, and are very hard to clean.

Strength and durability

Solaris polycarbonate is a very strong and durable product. It will give you excellent thermal insulation along with offering high impact resistance for years
to come. Its integral ultraviolet light filter prevents the polycarbonate from yellowing with age thus maintaining optical clarity. In addition, the micro-thin polyester solar inserts allow natural light to penetrate so your conservatory remains bright and airy.

Create a new look

Available in either Silver or Gold, Solaris Polycarbonate gives you the ability to create the look and feel you choose within your conservatory. The silver option offers you the best light transmission and the gold option is better suited to woodgrain or coloured conservatories.

Product Range

Solaris polycarbonate for various conservatories is available in two ranges; Original and Optimum. Both ranges are a combination of 35mm, seven walled polycarbonate, combined with solar inserts.

Our Original range incorporates silver/silver solar inserts and our Optimum range houses gold/gold solar inserts.

Summary of Benefits

•It prevents up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy entering through the roof

•It will keep your conservatory cool in summer

•Reduces glare through the roof by up to 86%

•Reading and viewing TV is more comfortable

•Allows high levels of light penetration

•Bright airy feel of conservatory retained

•Rejects 99% of harmful UV rays

•Reduces fading of fabrics and furniture

•Reflects radiated heat back into conservatory

•Warmer feel to conservatory in winter

•10 year guarantee

•Solar protection will last the lifetime of the polycarbonate roof

•Requires no maintenance and no cleaning

•Out performs all other internal blinds

•Outstanding price to performance ratio

Matthew Davis is an expert at Conservatory Outlet. For further advice on buying a conservatory or to arrange viewing in one of Conservatory Outlet showrooms, contact him at

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