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Avoid Out Of Control Gas Prices By Using The New Fuel--water
By Randy Barney
Avoid Out Of Control Gas Prices by Using The New Fuel--WATER
by: Randy Barney

What you need to know...

Engines waste tons of gasoline! Up to 80% of the gas that
you pump doesn't get used because it goes UNBURNED to the
catalytic converter. That means you are getting 0 MPG from
most of the expensive gasoline you buy.


There are some that would say that's what they are
designed to do--WASTE GAS--The theory here is that the more
gas is burned the bigger the pockets of the oil companies
get. That of course is a fact. I'll leave it up to you to
decide if you believe the conspiracy therory or not.

It is said that automotive and fuel technology have been
deliberately held back. There are all kind of stories
about AMAZING inventions and discoveries, It would seem
that people have been kept in the dark in order to sell us
lots of gasoline.

Now for the technical stuff...

If the gas was preheated it would create better combustion-
-but it's not. If the fuel vapor droplets were smaller they
would create more efficient combustion--but they're not.
The computer-controlled air-to-fuel ratio could be
configured to be more economical--but it's not. There are
actually patents that address having the exhaust
reprocessed to contribute to mileage --but it's not. There
was a design for a 100 MPG carburetor years ago, but it
seems to have dissapeared. Cars could actually be running
on water fuel--but they're not because those patents kind
of dissappeared also. Even the hybrids that that have
become so popular don't optimize gasoline combustion and
consumption as well as they should.

So why am I telling you all this?

Because you can do something about it, starting with YOUR
own car.

How? By using ENERGY from plain old ordinary WATER.

I know that probably sounds impossible. of course it
does, it's beyond our current reality. But so were LCD tv's
mount in vans and SUV's 20 years ago.

This type of water energy system I am referring to is
actually quite simple. Not only simple but very
affordable. This is also a system that a do it your selfer
can tackle out in thier own garage. It can actually be
built at home for $20 to $200 worth of parts and installed
in your car in a very short period of time. I am talking
about an old technology that has been revamped and designed
into a simple, affordable, SAFE system based on affordable

How does it work?

The main part of the affordable water energy system is an
electrolyzer-a container of water with electrodes in it.
The electrolyzer use a portion of electricity from your
vehicle. The electricity "splits" water into hydroxyl gas
and feeds it immediately to the engine cylinders. The
improved air/fuel mix gets very efficient combustion.

Remember how I told you that current engine technology
burns off 80% of your gasoline?

Now think about this... with this situation, all of your
gasoline is being used--no longer is it just being turned
into carbon deposits on your engine. Imagine ALL that
gasoline giving you mileage? Think of the improved
economics. And all due to energy from water.

Do you have any idea how much energy is in water?

One gallon of water converts to approximately 1,833
gallons of combustible gas. Feedback from one person that
installed the system said that one gallon of water in his
water energy system lasted for about 2,700 miles.

The fact is that there are zillions of hydrogen and oxygen
atoms ready to break out and beome combustible gas under
the in the correct environment!Understanding that helps us
see that, indeed, water can be "burned" in an engine.

Do you wonder why you don't see this in headline news?

Think about it... Do you hear anything positive in the
news any more? Negative news sells more, it contributes to
higher ratings. Why don't scientists tell us about this?
sometimes they just don't know about it. It is also a
fact, that scientist all have thier own niche area of which
they focus on. Unless they are directly involved in a
project. I may pass completely by them unnoticed.


Here is an interesting article to think about from Patrick
Kelly of He has a
approach to getting you to think outside the box:

"The Law of Conservation of Energy is undoubtedly correct
when it shows that more energy cannot be taken out of any
system than is put into that system. However, that does not
mean that WE cannot get more energy out of a system than WE
put into it. A crude example is a solar panel in sunlight.
We get electrical power out of the panel but we do not put
the sunlight into the panel-the sunlight arrives on its
own. This example is simple as we can see the sunlight
reaching the solar panel.

"If, instead of the solar panel, we had a device which
absorbs some of the energy that Quantum Mechanics observes
and then gives out, say, electrical power, would that be so
different? Most people say "yes!--it is impossible!" but
this reaction is based on the fact that we cannot see this
sea of energy. Should we say that a TV set cannot possibly
work because we cannot see a television transmission

Is it safe?

We already drive around with a tank full of flamable and
explosive gas.

But with the water energy system, it does not use tanks of
compressed hydrogen.

Hydrogen is already compressed in plain water!

what happens in a water for fuel system is the hydrogen is
UNCOMPRESSED and used immediately, on-demand, in the
engine! It uses a container of distilled water! And the
exhaust is well... you guessed it --WATER! The water is
split, the water is burned, and you get fantastic mileage,
you get a little water whats left over.


As you can see, this is a very green concept. The only
example of something greener is an engine that runs
completely on water. There was one, it was designed and
proven by Stanley Meyers. He drove across the United
States on approximately 28 gallons of water. (You can see
interviews with him on YouTube.) It doesn't get any more
affordable that this. And because this is GREEN technology,
the government will pay for going green!


You CAN pay someone to install your water for gas system.
there are many people all over the world that are fimiliar
with this system. They enjoy the benefits every day on
converting water to fuel. Since they are so sold on this
concept, most of them would love to assist you in getting
yours up and running.

Of course you can also do it yourself, complete
instructions, are available. Then you would create a parts
list and purchase the parts from hardware and electronics
stores. lastly, you would construct the components of the
water energy system, combine them all together, and install
the system, making all the necessary adjustments to it. You
would now be the proud owner of a Water Hybrid Vehicle.


Perhaps the most important thing is this:

Trust yourself.

When you go against the popular thought with any new idea.
All of those experts out there will tell your crazy, it
can't be done, it won't work. But what really make's
anyone an expert if they haven't tried the technology
themselves. What kind of gas mileage are they getting?
All the great minds and inventors were thought to be a bit appears that it takes a little craziness to come
up with change!


Well think about it this way…

How much did you pay the last time you bought gas?

A water energy system won't lower the price gasoline all
over the world.

It will just lower the price of YOURS, but that is a good
start, isn't it? But don't just take my word for it check
it out your self.

Randy Barney is an internet marketing expert and free
lance author, who stumbled across this technology quite by
accident. This is the greatest accidental discovery he has
made to date.

Randy Barney resides in Utah, is a freelance writer and successful internet marketing expert. For more information on making money online, sign up for the free money making newsletter at

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