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The Law Of Attraction And Romantic Relationships
By Joseph and Sarah Elizabeth Malinak
The Law of Attraction has many tenets. For instance, be grateful for where you are. Imagine what you want in detail. Feel how you will feel once you have what you desire. Write it down and make it concrete. With this kind of creative work, the universe will conspire to bring you what you desire. The law of attraction applies to all aspects of your life. For the sake of this article, we will focus on romantic relationships and the law of attraction.

Did you know you are a part of the universe that is conspiring to bring you what you desire? When critics take shots at the popular phenomenon around the movie “The Secret,” they criticize the childlike nature of making wishes, sitting back, and waiting for them to come true. In truth, when you practice the law of attraction, because you are a part of the universe that is conspiring to bring you what you desire, you will likely find yourself inspired to become what you need to become in order to attract what you desire. You will also discover you are inspired to do what you need to do in order to attract what you desire.

The difference between those who make the Law of Attraction work for them and those who don’t is the willingness to act on the inspiration to be and do what you need to be and do in order to have what you desire.

If you are single and looking for that happily-ever-after relationship, you can attract the kind of romantic partner you desire. If you are in a relationship that is less than what you want it to be, you can attract to you a transformation in your relationship that makes it the kind of romance you desire. The place to begin is with you.

If you want your future (or present) romantic partner to be selfless and giving, you need to practice being selfless and giving. If you want your future (or present) romantic partner to be nurturing and appreciative of you, then you be those things in your life right now! If you want him to care about how he looks and presents himself, then you be that way. If you want her to be able to relax joining in your activities, then relax and enjoy the activities of the various people in your life today.

In addition, it is wise to pay attention to how you express your feminine or masculine energy, as you are the person you want to attract. When a man is selfless and giving, it looks different from when a woman is selfless and giving. If you are the woman in the relationship and want to maximize your feminine potential, then you will want to attract a man who maximizes his masculine potential. In which case, you do not want to be out there giving selflessly the way men do or you will never attract the kind of man you are looking for!

For instance, a woman can believe she is being selfless and giving when she acts like one of the guys, refusing to pull on her man, and making little or no demands. Inside a relationship, this can backfire when he interprets her as uncaring, uninterested, or dismissive. A more feminine way of giving selflessly to your man is to give him your undivided attention in a way that communicates he means the world to you, that you depend on him, that what he cares about matters to you because you do not ever want to be without
him. That requires a certain kind of feminine vulnerability that a man who is looking for a long-term relationship will find irresistible. Furthermore, if you are in a committed relationship, giving your man your undivided attention in this way reminds him why he fell in love with you in the first place!

With things like caring about how he or she dresses or enjoying each other’s activities, do you feel that way because someone who said he loved you was a slob and that carelessness ultimately spread throughout the relationship? Do you desire someone to enjoy your activities because you once loved someone who was never interested in your world but only wanted you to participate in hers? The more you can be the kind of person and do the kinds of things you wish to attract, the more those kinds of people will show up in your life.

All our relationships are mirrors of who we are! If someone in your life, particularly a romantic partner, is being too casual, where else in your life are you being too casual with you? Perhaps it is in attracting this person in the first place, not valuing yourself enough to attract the kind of man or woman you truly desire. If someone in your life cannot stand your activities, where else in your life do you settle for such disrespect? Perhaps you do not respect yourself enough to insure you attract a man or woman who will respect you.

You do not have to sit around and wait for your wishes to come true. You are part of the universe that is conspiring to give you your heart’s desires! Declare your desires. Imagine them in minute detail. Feel how wonderful it will be when they arrive, as if they have already arrived! Make a list, write it down and make it concrete. Then, take inspired action! In particular, when you are attracting either a romantic partner or a significant improvement in your present relationship, pay attention when inspired action nudges you to be and do that which you desire to attract to you. It is one more piece of the Law of Attraction puzzle about which you can be proactive.

You are part of the universe that is conspiring to give you your heart’s desires!

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