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3 Ways To Get Your Ex Back
By Ken Dinino
Many of us don't realize what we have until its gone. Nothing can prove it more then a break up. The pain we suffer can often be debilitating and whats worse is seeing them happy with someone else. Though sometimes the break up is a result of an argument gone “too far” and we still have deep feelings for them. As they do for us.

So how do we get past the stubbornness of it all and back in their good graces? How do we find our way back into their hearts if talking to them isn't doing the trick? That is not always an easy task and their temperament or our pride can get in the way. Below are a few things to help you smooth things over with your ex they can smile at:

Tip 1: A Brilliant Serenade: Finding a song that meant something to both of you is important. Showing them you remember the little things can quite often bring a smile to their face. This can also lighten the moment if you are looking for a little time to get a few words in.

Tip 2: Writing them a letter: Many times we can't find the right words face to face. They come out jumbled up or sound much different in our heads then on the lips. If you write them a letter that explains how you truly feel they will hear it all without any interruptions.

Tip 3: Let them know how you really feel: Sometimes we just haven't communicated well with them. Letting them know we still
care. Frequently our ex's don't know and they assume you are done with them and they may attempt to move on. Just being honest with them will get your foot back in the door.

In the end it is up to you and your situation. Though without communicating with them how you feel you may never know. Remember sometimes you need to swallow your pride to get what you want. If they don't feel the same way their may not be a reunion but at least give it a shot no one would know what gets to them like you!

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