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Parent Child Relationship Article:

Saving A Broken Relationship
By Ken Dinino
Living in a broken relationship is hard. Trying to mend a broken relationship is even harder if you don' t know what is wrong with the relationship. There are many ways you could work on this type of relationship. Deciding how much you and your partner are willing to put into fixing it is the first step. If one of you is not serious or willing to work on is then it won't work. Also if one of you is working more then the other it may not work either.

Below are a few tips to help you one your journey:

Make a list: First you want to develop a group of lists. Lists on your supports and your partners supports. These will be important as you go through your tough times. You and your partner will need someone to talk to that will give you an objective outside opinion of the situations.

Lists of organizations that you can use for support. Some organizations specialize in assisting couples in relationship concerns. There are also many workshops that help couples work through their issues or help them communicate better with each other.

Lists of issues both you and your partner are facing. Being honest with yourself and them will help the issues become solved much faster. Writing everything down at this time is important. Quite often it takes time to get through to the core of the problem.

Seeking counseling: Couples and individual counseling can help you get to the bottom of the issues at hand that are causing the problems. It will give you an outside and objective opinion on what needs to be worked out. Be prepared because you are likely to hear somethings you might not want to hear but need to know.

In extreme cases:

Anger management: classes maybe needed to help you or your partner cope with stress
and anger in everyday life.

Control Issues: Going to some classes if you are faced with some controlling issues maybe needed as well. Just because these classes are needed doesn't mean you are a bad person it simply means because of your experiences you may need special attention to have a healthy relationship. The over all goal of these classes are to teach you to be a healthy person and have healthy relationships with others.

In the end it is up to you to save your relationships. You and your partner are the only ones who can determine if it is worth salvaging. Though it maybe broken now with the right help and support you can make it work. Sometimes outside help will assist you in seeing the things you can not being in the relationship. Learning how to be healthy and have healthy relationships will also help you in future relationships in your life. Ultimately it is up to you!

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