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Signs That Show Your Ex Wants You Back
By Teecee Go
If you went through a breakup recently, either you are experiencing immense pain right now and you can’t wait to get over with it or you are dying to reunite with your ex and put behind you the ugly past. Either way, you are still in a period of uncertainty and you should continue pushing yourself to recover from what happened. You should also observe your ex to determine if he or she wants you back. The emotions and the memories you shared after all are not to be taken lightly and would be one of the driving forces for your ex to want to get back with you.

The following are signs that your ex wants you back. If you notice these signs, then chances are, you might get back together again if you are willing to be reconciled.

Your ex will try to call you. Do you often receive a call and after saying “hello” nobody answers you? Well, you may not be able to recognize the number but there is a fairly good chance that your ex wishes to hear your voice again. Quite possibly, your ex wanted to tell you something and mustered enough courage to dial your number. But when your ex hears your voice, suddenly he or she may find it difficult to speak. In this case, just wait for your ex to talk to you. If your problem has been a grave one, then give yourself some time to think things through and then if both of you are ready then you can get together again.

Your ex will ask your friends about what you are up to. She might even ask them not to tell you about it. If your friends tell you that she’s been asking about you, your whereabouts and if you have been dating, then she is definitely still interested in you. If you have common friends, then they would also consider your breakup as something sad.

of your friends may even be devising some strategy to get you back together.
Another sign that your ex wants you back is that he or she would not date again. Perhaps not in the first few months after the breakup or even a year, this means then that your ex really loves you. Your ex could not bear the thought of being with somebody else.

These are signs that your ex wants you back. If you also want your ex back, why don’t you give each other a chance and be together again.

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