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Teen Relationship Article:

How To Find The Women Men Adore And Never Leave
By Ken Dinino
Should I start with the long or short of it? Do you remember that saying your mother used to tell you “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus?” It applies to many cases in our lives. Finding that special girl is tough only because we all have different views on what perfect should be and incidentally “no one is perfect.” Determining what a precious thing we have is usually not realized until it is gone and that is a common fact of life.

Though there are many qualities that will stand out to men below are a few to help you out:

No Nagging
Good cook
Good with Kids
Good Housekeeper
Has their own opinion

Why are these qualities that men pay attention too? Well we all know why they like the no nagging quality. What man likes to be picked on for every little thing he does. Women have a hard time with this simply because we are picky by nature and quite often we want things done a curtain way, most men say as long as its done who cares how we did it?

Good Cook: this one is simple as well who wants to be with a women who can't cook. Most men are looking for a wife who can cook dinner for their children and take care of the household.

Independent: despite what most men say they do truly want a women who is independent. A women who gets things done so they know it will be done when they can't do it or are not there. Sometimes women are too independent and they lose sight of working together as a team. This is what marriage and family is about and it is
important to the male to have a say in their home.

Has their own opinion: yes this is important. Even though it may seem like we are not paying attention to your opinions we are after all if we were all a like it would be a boring world.

Remembering that no one is perfect we all understand that finding Mr. or Mrs. Right is quite difficult but the women men adore and never want to leave are those that understand what a man wants out of life. Knowing that we are simple creatures that look for stability and some attention no and than. Women who see what they want and go after it, with the least resistance. After all without women the sky is very lonely!

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