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Making Relationships Work Article:

When To Get Out Of A Bad Relationship
By Kelly Church
There are many relationships out there that are not healthy for either person. Some people stay together just out of habit and it seems easier than getting into an ugly emotional battle. Some stay together out of misguided love for a person who will never be right for him or her. Some couples stay together because he or she thinks the other is going to change. No matter what the seemingly positive reason for staying in a negative relationship is, the best thing to do for a negative relationship for both parties is to move on from each other. Reasons for leaving a bad relationship include getting out for emotional health, physical health, and to get on with your life.

The first reason to get out of a bad relationship is for the emotional health and well-being of both parties. Staying in a bad relationship is often delaying the inevitable. Waiting longer most likely will only cause more pain. Staying in a doomed relationship for any more time only gives the time to have more confrontations, arguments, and harsh feelings toward each other. Many times, getting out of a relationship can be done amicably, but beating a dead horse, so to speak, is not healthy for either person in the couple. Getting out at the right time can save the emotional health of both parts of the relationship.

Another reason to get out of a bad relationship is to make sure that the emotions and arguments that often exist in such a relationship does not escalate to physical violence by either party. Many times, anger, mistrust, and other powerful negative emotions cause serious problems and these emotions can lead to physical confrontations. This is something that needs to be avoided completely. Usually before something physical happens, there are signs that it will get close to this type of occurrence. Someone may raise a hand, some may get into the face of the other person, there will be some sort of loss of control. Before this turns into physical violence from either party in the relationship, and it’s
not ok for either party to be violent, the relationship should be stopped.

One final reason to put a bad relationship to rest is to move on with separate lives. This is often what is needed for both people to be both emotionally and physically well. Moving on separately is indeed a sad thing to have to do, but if it is the only way both parties of the relationship will be both healthy and happy. Maybe the answer isn’t to be split permanently. Maybe only a break is needed. But whether the split is temporary or permanent, a split is sometimes necessary to ensure tranquility for the couple.

In many cases, couples stay together for many reasons. No matter what the reason to stay together, there are a number of reasons to get out of the relationship and to move on from something that is clearly not working. Pull the Band-Aid off quickly rather than slowly. Pulling the Band-Aid off quickly may be a burst of pain, but pulling it off slowly only prolongs the pain.

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