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What People Are Saying About the Breakthrough Products in the Canker Sore Pain Kit

Comments about Enamel Saver Toothpaste for Canker Sore Sufferers

I have had sporadic bouts with canker sores since early childhood. I am now in my 50s and had given up finding any reliable relief from the misery of them. I was fortunate enough to find your website as a result of a search under "canker sores" and ordered your Enamel Saver toothpaste. I had been suffering back-to-back sores for about 6 weeks. I will often go 6 months to a year with no sores and then have a flare up with sores coming as others clear.

After receiving Enamel Saver toothpaste in early December, my canker sores rapidly healed and I have been canker sore free ever since. I have had mouth abrasions that usually turn into sores that healed and did not flare into canker sores while using your toothpaste. I am so thankful for your product and received excellent service through your website. Thanks so much.

-K. Miller, Mechanicsville, VA

It felt great after using it! My sores have gone away.

-Rosendo Rodriguez, Eagle Pass, TX

After years of an on and off battle with Canker Sores, I finally resorted to the web to see if there was anything out there that I hadn't tried before. So in my search of Canker Sore relief, I came across this website and ended up ordering the Enamel Saver. I was amazed to say the least. Haven't had a Canker Sore in over 5 months! As soon as I ran out and had to resort to my husband's toothpaste for a couple of days a Canker Sore developed. I will not let my supply run out again!

-M Collier, Oregon City, OR

I have suffered with canker sores ever since I can remember. Eating or drinking was sometimes impossible. I thought my problem would never end and I would just have to accept it. I found Enamel Saver on the internet one day last year, and thought I would try it. Well, I have been using it ever since, and my mouth has never felt better. Enamel Saver also has a very pleasant taste I could actually feel the effectiveness of it. It seems soothing and gentle in my mouth. Thank you for this product.

-Carmela Vigilante, Bloomfield, NJ

I have suffered canker sores for most of my life. I asked my doctor and my dentist is there anything that I could do to help prevent them. Their answer was always that they did not know of anything to help. One day, while I was having a really bad period of canker sores, I went searching on the web to see if there was anything that could help me. When I found the information on Enamel Saver toothpaste, I was a little skeptical, but at that point I was willing to try anything. I am thrilled to say IT WORKS!! I have not had a canker sore since I started using this toothpaste. I have told all my firiends that also suffer from canker sores about it. It is WONDERFUL. Just try it and you will be sold too. Thanks for a great product.

-Diana Knipp, Ballwin, MO

I have suffered from canker sores since grade school. Over the past 5 or 6 years they have become more intense. About 6 months ago, after a very severe bout, I was desperate to find a solution. I found a web site for Enamel Saver and decided to give it a try.

I am a sceptic by nature and had no hope that this would work. After using the toothpaste for a couple of weeks I did get a sore but it was very mild compared to what I had experienced the years prior. I stuck with it and have been canker sore free since. I cannot ever remember a 6 month period without a canker sore.

My wife is also a sufferer and has had similar results. At one point she went off the toothpaste for a week and contracted a sore almost immediately. Just another bit of evidence that this stuff really works. I am a believer.

-S. Ruddell, Gurnee, IL

Thank you for an excellent product--it truly lives up to its claim. A year ago, my (then) 5-year old daughter had a terrible time with canker sores. She had one after the other (sometimes two at a time) for months, and was even checked by the pediatrician for an organic cause, which was negative. In desperation, I searched the internet and found your website. I ordered the Enamel Saver toothpaste for her, and after the two week trial period, her sores disappeared!

She went three months between sores, and only gets them now on occasion. Also a life-long sufferer, I switched to the Enamel Saver toothpaste, and can happily report that I rarely get sores and those that I do get are reduced in severity and duration. I told my pediatrician, dentist and everyone I know that suffers from canker sores about your product. It is great!

-Paula Wuori, Kalamazoo, MI

Enamel Saver is the only toothpaste for me! The constant canker sores were a nightmare. I couldn't even get through a week pain free until I discovered Enamel Saver. Now I have a life again. While I still get an occassional canker sore, it goes away in a few days and is a lot less painful. Sometimes, I've had to use regular toothpaste (in a pinch), and I can feel the detergent burning the inside of my mouth. I'll never go back to regular toothpaste again. Thanks Enamel Saver.

-Evangeline Higginbotham, El Dorado Hills, CA

I had reached a point in life where I HAD to do something. I've had canker sores nearly 5/8 inches in length, in addition to having as many as 6 at one time. It seems I do still have canker sores after I eat acidic foods such as tomatoes, Enamel Saver toothpaste has all but eliminated canker sores from my life! It does not cause the burning, tingling sensation as most toothpastes do. I am so glad I found this product!

-James Lankford, Huntingdon, TN

A year ago. I made my first purchase of Enamel Saver and it literally changed my life. I had been plagued with big, painful canker sores for years, sometimes two or three at the same time. Now, ever since I started brushing my teeth with Enamel Saver, I am free of the painful honkers. The only sores I get now are little ones when I eat too much citrus fruits but they are relatively painless. Thanks for the wonderful product

-Jim Campbell, Soldotna, Alaska

This stuff works! Every two weeks I would get several terrible canker sores that lasted for about a week. I have been plagued with this for many years. Now with Enamel Saver toothpaste I get a very small one maybe every six weeks and it goes away in a couple of days.

-H. Kempf, Leslie, MI

Honestly, Enamel Saver has not merely saved my enamel, but my life. I've suffered from canker sores since I was a child, chronically, and tried all kinds of diets and treatments. Enamel Saver has made a huge difference. The one or two times in this past year when I even got a canker sore, I found if I was diligent (and gentle) in brushing, they simply went away after 2-3 days. This is life-changing for me, and that is no exaggeration. Needless to say, I want to order more. I'm getting low on my last tube. Thank you so much

-Liz Rosenberg, Binghamton, NY

I have suffered with canker sores since I was a child. It seems to go in cycles, and definitely stress is a factor. I was in a cycle where I had sores the size of half dollars, sometimes two or three at a time. I was searching the internet to see if there was any information to help me. I discovered a site that explained about sls and how irritating it is to the oral tissues.

I immediately ordered Enamel Saver. IT HAS BEEN WONDERFUL! I get a very few canker sores now, usually only if I get a scratch in my mouth, and I haven't had any that were spontaneous. This is a fabulous product. This testimonial comes with an extra strong endorsement because I am a dental hygienist. I am so thrilled to be able to recommend this product to my patients who suffer from the same affliction. Thank you, Enamel Saver for helping me, and providing a way that I can help others.

Amanda L. Mayes, West Hartford, CT

My friend at work told me about Enamel Saver and gave me a tube. While I thought it was very expensive, I tried it anyways. After using it for about three weeks, I couldn't go back to using my old toothpaste. It was just too harsh. I love Enamel Saver. I haven't had sores in my mouth since. My teeth feel cleaner and my Dental Hygenist recommended it too. My two kids started to use it and now all three of us won't go back. If you order this product you will not regret it!

-Sharon Nagata, Clovis, CA

I've had problems with canker sores my entire life. I also have a genetic condition called geographic tongue. These two problems left me with a painful mouth nearly all the time. I assumed I had no other option but to live with it, until I started reading about this toothpaste on the web. I thought it was worth a try. I've been using Enamel Saver for three months now, and I've yet to have a canker sore. My symptoms related to having a geographic tongue are remarkably milder. I was skeptical at first, but now that I've tried it, I will never use another toothpaste again.

-B. Mitchell, Denver, CO

I have suffered with canker sores since I was two years old. I am now 18. My boyfriend's father gave me a tube of Enamel Saver to try last summer. I have had great relief from canker sores. Although I still will get them at times I am able to brush my teeth without pain and they do not spread over my mouth like before. Thank you !!!

-Natalie Wharton, Hermitage, TN

I found this website about a year ago after some research I did online to find information on how to fight canker sores. i would get them every once ina while and they would really hurt and be annoying. Eating, brushing my teeth, even talking woud be really uncomfortable, but after using Enamel Saver, I hardly ever got canker sores, and when I did get them, it wouldn't hurt when I brushed my teeth with Enamel Saver.

-Jose Martinez, Staten Island, NY

My 8 year old daughter was averaging canker sore breakouts every other month. For a year I tried lysine, mouth rinses etc. She is pretty calm child, eats right, gets the right amount of sleep, so that is why I decided to focus on the toothpaste. For the past two years she has been using Enamel Saver toothpaste. It is a huge difference. It took about 3 months before they were gone. She has had canker sores since then, but now averages once every 6 months or so - they are much smaller and fewer.

-Margaret Callahan, Glenmoore, PA

I have been using Enamel Saver toothpaste for about 2 years. Before I found this amazing toothpaste, I suffered from canker sores. My mouth was totally raw and extremely painful when I ate, drank, or brushed my teeth. Neither my physician or dentist could make a correct diagnosis. I was diagnosed as having oral herpes. I took medication for approximately one year. During this time I had to change my diet completely because I could not eat or drink anything that was hot, spicy, sweet, sour, etc because of the pain and my mouth did not improve at all. Finally I found Enamel Saver toothpaste while searching the internet and ordered it because I was desperate. I began using it and my mouth started to clear up within weeks. It took several months for the canker sores to completely clear up. Now I can eat or drink anything I want without the pain of canker sores.

-Pat Wilson, Boerne, TX

I have been using Enamel Saver for about 5 months and have only had one case of canker sores! Previously, I experienced canker sores at least once a month. I am sold on this product... it costs a little more than regular toothpaste, but the savings more than make up for it.

-D. Coffey, Huntington Beach, CA

I've had one canker sore in my mouth after another. I started using Enamel Saver about 3 years ago, and I haven't had many at all, only if I bite myself, sometimes it gets a little sore. Thank You so much for this toothpaste. I was desparate before that, I started searching the Internet, and I found your Web Site. I have been using Enamel Saver ever since. It's worth every penny that it costs.

-Ms. Rose Deimler, Leesburg, VA

Enamel Saver toothpaste is really good for canker sores. It helps me live without canker sores now. Thanks to Enamel Saver toothpaste.

-Saidur, Woodside, NY

After yet another episode of repeat breakouts I finally went seraching the web for some help. After finding a few links mentioning Enamel Saver I gave it a shot. I'm on my 6th tube of Enamel Saver and getting more. Since I've been using it I've had only handful (maybe three) of full fledged breakouts. Compare that to weekly, painful and multiple sores that I used to get and I could not be happier.

-Tony A, Poughkeepsie, NY

I first tried Enamel Saver Toothpaste about 2 years ago. I had tried everything already and nothing seemed to work. I was amazed how effective the Enamel Saver was. I saw a dramatic reduction in the cankers and the ones I did get were much less painful. I would strongly recommend this product. It really does help.

-Adam Mann, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I am 30 years old and I have canker sores all my life. I try everything to cure my disease and nothing happen, until I found Enamel Saver one year ago, now I'm happy because I am not suffering from that nasty disease anymore. I will recommend your product. Thank you.

-Ana Clariza, Lauderhill, FL

It really does work. My girlfriend and I usually have re-occuring canker sores every month that last for about 2 weeks in duration. After using this toothpaste we no longer suffer from canker sores, thank you so much for this product.

-J Nguyen, San Jose, CA

I have been using Enamel Saver toothpaste for nearly a year. Although the canker sores that have plagued me my entire life have not dissappeared altogether, they occur less frequently and are far less severe than they were when I was using a more conventional toothpaste. I recently ran out of Enamel Saver and had to use my old toothpaste for a couple of days and much to my chagrin, the canker sores returned. Using Enamel Saver toothpaste has been the single most effective step in relieving myself of persistent and painful canker sores. I would highly recommend Enamel Saver to anyone.

-William V., Winston-Salem, NC

Frustrated with various approaches to canker sores, I was web surfing. I had tried lysine, cleaning toothbrushes each time, diet changes, etc. - all to no avail. When I read that most toothpastes contained SLS which simply made everything worse, a light bulb went off. Enamel Saver has definitely helped. OK, I still get some canker sore. Maybe 5% of what I previously had.

-Dennis Laube, Apopka, FL

In the period of time that I have been using the Enamel Saver toothpaste and avoiding the foods listed on your website, I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the number and severity of canker sores I get. I would recommend that anyone who suffers from canker sores give Enamel Saver a try!

Andrea Richards, Oakland, CA

I was very skeptical at first, as nothing else seemed to work. But since I was even more desperate, I decided to take a chance. Enamel Saver works!! Take a chance on it, you won't be sorry.

-K. Moreland, Cincinnati, OH

I have been a long time sufferer of "sore and bleeding gums". After a few less than exceptional dental visits, I started searching the internet for help, I ran across your website. I thought I'd give Enamel Saver a try...I had nothing to lose. I've been using Enamel Saver for a few months now.

I had a dental checkup 5 days ago. My dentist and his staff were very happy with my results and were also curious as to what I'd been using to make such a difference. I told them the only change I'd made was switching to Enamel Saver. The dental hygenists in the office were definitely amazed with my results and wanted to know how they could get some for themselves. I am a huge fan of Enamel Saver and will be a life time user as well. THANKS Enamel Saver!!!

-K Carson, The Colony, TX

My canker sores have actually been reduced significantly. Amazing stuff.

-Martin Hogan, Castro Valley, CA

In the last several months, I had problems with mouth sores. I didn't know what caused it, but it made it so stressful. I had one after another without stopping. I only had about 2 days each in between. Then, I went on the Internet and tried to find out if there was any medications to help. I finally came across Enamel Saver. I ordered it just out of curiosity. I almost finished my first tube now and I've never had canker sores since I started using Enamel Saver. It really works!

-I. Stefano, Columbus, Ohio

Enamel Saver has really been a blessing to my daughter and myself. I discovered that we were both allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS in regular toothpaste due to repeatedly getting canker sores in our mouth when the slightest nick with the toothbrush or accidentally biting our jaw or inside lip would occur. I began researching canker sores on the internet and decided to try Enamel Saver after trying various toothpastes from health food stores. We now experience minimal occurences of canker sores and have used Enamel Saver for more than a year now. Believe us, it is worth a try!

-Renee Clark, Ft. Pierce, FL

My mother had bought some for herself and when we came to visit my daughter used it and brought it home for her to try longer and so far not one ulcer has appeared in over 2 months.

-Kathy McByrd, Phelan, CA

Comments about UlcerEase Pain Relief Mouth Rinse

I am a nurse, but more importantly, a daughter. Nothing seemed to relieve the unbearable discomfort of my mother's mouth ulcers. The prompt delivery and effectiveness of your product went a long way in helping all of us. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my mom whom I love so very much.

-Peggy Ann Lackey

I would like you to know that I am in the process of getting UlcerEase on our pharmacy formulary in order to make it available to all patients. I feel that your product is superior to any other on the market.

-Viki Altomonte, R.N

This product is wonderful. I try to keep some samples on hand at all times to give to patients, and I routinely recommend it.

-Cindie Lou Roger
Gwinnett Health Systems - Lawrenceville, GA

Comments about ORA5 Liquid Band-Aid for Canker Sores

About six years ago I learned about ORA5 from a dentist at the health fair. Because I had tried so many remedies, I was skeptical, but I decided to order some. I started out with the 1/8 ounce bottle just to see if it worked. I was so impressed, I ordered a big bottle and keep it on hand at all times. I have found that if I bite myself or just feel a little bump in my mouth, I can apply ORA5 just a couple of times and the spot will go away in a day or so. This product is SO AWESOME, I hope to be able to keep using it for a long, long time!

-Kim Hammond, Nucla, CO

Ora5 works! About a year ago I started having mouth sores unlike anything I've seen before. I got them in groups of about 50 (really). They went from the tip of my tounge all the way to the back and throat. I tried every product I could find. Even my doctor could not recommend anything. Finally I found Ora5 on the internet. Not only did it cure the sores I applied it to, it seems to have killed whatever caused them. They rarely ever come back and when they do they are much fewer and milder.

Leslie Kelly, Rancho Cucamonga, CA Don't waste your money on so-called medicines that simply numb the pain as your canker sore continues to grow. I've found that if I apply ORA5 the moment a canker begins to appear, it will be completely gone in 1-2 days. I recently eradicated a canker with single application! My only complaint is that I didn't find this stuff sooner, as I've suffered from canker sores my whole life. Thanks for an amazing product!

- Brian V., Oak Hill, VA

Thank God for this product. I am 39 years old and I have been suffering from canker sores since the age of 6. Sometimes I have had as many as 6 or more at one time. I need not express how incredibly painful they are to anyone who has experienced them.

I have either had or used everything from another childhood vaccine to salt water rinses to peroxide washes to gentian violet and nothing has worked until I discovered ORA 5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would gladly wear a t-shirt to advertise your product, and I can't think of many things that I would say that about.

-Sharon Nesselle, Los Angeles, CA

I am a formal certified Dental Assistant who strongly believes in ORA5. While working, I had access to your wonderful product.

I have had ulcers in my mouth periodically for as long as I can remember. Your product works better than anything I have ever tried. It takes the soreness away like no other product has for me. I recommend ORA5 to anyone with ulcers.

-Tiera Lewis, Chester, S.C.

During the past 2 years I have used the following treatments in an effort to reduce the frequency and duration of my canker sores - with NO measurable results: Tetracycline, Zovirax, Prednizone, Megadoses of Cysine, Oral B gel, Canker Aide, Prednizone Mouth Wash and Athasol Cream, Yoga and even Acupuncture.

After surfing the web for other medications, seeing your ad and ordering the ORA5, I was astonished to find that ORA5 actually works! Better than any of the prescription medications or over the counter products I've tried.

As soon as a canker sore appears and I apply ORA5 as directed (2-3 times) the sore goes away - period! Even though it may erupt in another area - the ORA5 seems to "kill it" before it grows to its regular painful 10 day presence. I love this stuff. It has restored my faith in medicine. Thank You!

-Quentin Foster, Los Angeles, CA

I have an average of 4 to 10 canker sores in my mouth almost all the time. I have tried every over-the-counter remedy and also a cortisone paste prescribed by a doctor, but nothing ever worked. I found out about ORA5 on the Internet and ordered some. While I was waiting for it to arrive, four new sores appeared in my mouth over several days' time.

I was able to test it immediately! I applied the ORA5 to each sore twice a day. The three smaller ones just disappeared in two or three days without getting larger or painful. The sore that had developed first was already starting to hurt, but the ORA5 stopped the pain and dried up the lesion in about 5 days. I was thrilled! I would be suffering greatly right now if it wasn't for ORA5. I just called and ordered a larger bottle--I don't ever want to be without.

-Dawn McDonald, Petaluma, CA

I'm 66 years old and all my life I've suffered from canker sores, as did my mother. The only remedy she knew was powdered alum. It hurt like blazes and wasn't effective anyway.

In later years I tried all the new remedies--one stuck to the canker sore long enough to get through a meal; another anesthetized the sore for a short time. None were effective in stopping or curing canker sores.

About 8 years ago, I read about ORA5, ordered some, and couldn't believe the results! If I treat it right away at the first sign, it stops the canker sore in its tracks and that's the end of it. Even if I don't catch them immediately, the canker sores never progress to the excruciating pain they did before. The beauty is that one small bottle lasts a

-Jerry L. Johnson, Long Beach, California

Thank you for sending me the ORA5. So far it has helped a lot. If I catch them just as they start, they are gone in 1-2 days with only a couple of treatments and they barely hurt at all Usually they last for 2-3 weeks and are very painful. I have tried everything and nothing has ever worked as good as the ORA5.

-Anita Ronak, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

For some unknown reason I have 1, 2 or 3 mouth ulcers every 2 or 3 weeks. None of the over the counter medications help. A friend of mine gave me a sample of ORA5. When I feel one beginning, I immediately start applying the ORA5. It keeps them from getting larger and helps with the pain. It's the best of anything I've tried!

-Nelta Moore, Wilson, Texas

I am a 38 year old female and have had canker sores all my life. At times I could count as many as 15 sores in my mouth at one time. People would tell me I shouldn't eat acidic foods, such as tomatoes, oranges, etc., but most of the time I hadn't touched those types of foods when I had the canker sores. As a child my mom would often take me to the doctor to see if there was anything they could do for the sores, and we were usually told there was not or we would be given some home remedy which never worked (i.e., swish with warm salt water, place an aspirin or alum on the sore).

After a few years, we went to one doctor to see what he had to say. I had a huge sore on my tongue. He said it was the worst he'd ever seen and took a picture of it! Anyway, at the time he cauterized the sore with Silver Nitrate, I believe. It hurt like crazy, the only thing I've ever had that was more painful was childbirth! From that time on, if I had a really bad canker sore that wouldn't seem to heal, mom would take me to the doctor for a treatment. Oh, how I hated it!

Later on in my adult life it was suggested I try taking L-lysine or Acidophilus, but I could never remember to take them until it was too late. The doctor recommended ORA Base B with Benzocaine. It worked for awhile but then I seemed to become immune to it.

About six years ago I learned about ORA5 from a dentist at the health fair. Because I had tried so many remedies, I was skeptical, but I decided to order some. I started out with the 1/8 ounce bottle just to see if it worked. I was so impressed, I ordered a big bottle and keep it on hand at all times. I have found that if I bite myself or just feel a little bump in my mouth, I can apply ORA5 just a couple of times and the spot will go away in a day or so. This product is SO AWESOME, I hope to be able to keep using it for a long, long time!

-Kim Hammond, Nucla, CO

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