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Why Your Toothpaste
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Canker Sores (Mouth Ulcers)

Canker Sore (Mouth Ulcer) Breakthroughs


Canker Sore (Mouth Ulcer) Breakthroughs

Canker Sore sufferers are finding relief from two products which have been used by medical professionals for years. Now they can be used by you at home.

For over 30 years ORA5 has been used by dentists to treat dental infections.

Dr. McHenry Lee, a graduate of Baylor College of Medicine and practicing dentist for over twenty five years created McHenry Labs to developed ORA5 for use by canker sore sufferers. ORA5:

  • Stops canker sore pain in a non-toxic way.
  • ORA5 creates a healing membrane that covers sensitive tissue and the nerve endings that cause pain.
  • ORA5 kills bacteria, reducing tissue sensitivity and the possibility of infection of the canker sore.

ORA5 is providing a revolutionary level of relief for canker sore sufferers.

"After surfing the web for other medications, seeing your ad and ordering the ORA5, I was astonished to find that ORA5 actually works! Better than any of the prescription medications or over the counter products I've tried. As soon as a canker sore appears and I apply ORA5 as directed (2-3 times) the sore goes away - period! Even though it may erupt in another area - the ORA5 seems to "kill it" before it grows to its regular painful 10 day presence. I love this stuff. It has restored my faith in medicine. Thank You!"

Quentin Foster of Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for sending me the ORA5. So far it has helped a lot. If I catch them just as they start, they are gone in 1-2 days with only a couple of treatments and they barely hurt at all Usually they last for 2-3 weeks and are very painful. I have tried everything and nothing has ever worked as good as the ORA5."

Anita Ronak of Calgary, Canada

UlcerEase Anesthetic<br>Mouth Rinse
UlcerEase Anesthetic
Mouth Rinse
A second revolutionary product which has been used for years by medical professionals is UlcerEase anesthetic mouth rinse. Hospitals use UlcerEase for the treatment of cancer patients who develop huge ulcers inside their mouths as a result of chemotherapy. UlcerEase's active ingredient, phenol, quickly eases oral ulcer pain.

The first choice of doctors and nurses, UlcerEase can now be used at home for the treatment of canker sores.

"I am a nurse, but more importantly, a daughter. Nothing seemed to relieve the unbearable discomfort of my mother's mouth ulcers. The prompt delivery and effectiveness of your product went a long way in helping all of us. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my mom whom I love so very much."

Peggy Ann Lackey

"This product is wonderful. I try to keep some samples on hand at all times to give to patients, and I routinely recommend it."

Cindie Lou Roger, Gwinnett Health Systems of Lawrenceville, GA


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