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For a limited time, when you order the Canker Sore Pain Relief Kit you'll get absolutley free the electronic version of "7 Steps to a Canker Sore Cure".

A step by step blue print for living free of canker sores

MYTH: There's nothing you can do to prevent canker sores. Simply treat them when they happen.

FACT: You can stop canker sores for good, if you know the triggers that cause them.


Despite common belief, canker sores (mouth ulcers) can be cured! Imagine never having to suffer ever again.

In the summer of 1996 we began searching for ways to stop canker sores. Since then we've performed extensive research in dental and medical libraries, moderated the only internet bulletin board devoted exclusively to canker sores, personally communicated with hundreds of visitors to our websites, and interviewed leading experts in the field.

When it comes to canker sores, we've seen it all and heard it all. We've found that most canker sore information is simply incorrect. Worse yet, almost nothing seems to work to prevent canker sores.

...Yet, we did uncover a handful of "triggers" that cause canker sores. Stopping these triggers has brought life changing results to thousands!!!!

And we share all of these strategies with you in "7 Steps to a Canker Sore Cure". You'll learn:

  • The three different types of canker sores.


  • Why most of the "popular" canker sore information is false. Some of it can even cause canker sores to become worse.


  • Why confusing canker sores with cold sores can spell disaster. We tell you how to tell the difference.


  • What role certain everyday foods play in causing your canker sores. Find out which foods are absolute canker sore magnets.


  • How to stop wasting money on useless canker sore pain medications. We tell you little known ways to get quick pain relief.


  • Learn why canker sores hurt so much.


  • Three very common habits that lead right to canker sores.


  • Which vitamins and minerals protect against canker sores. You must know this.



  • The one dental product directly linked to canker sores.


  • The six canker sore triggers to avoid at all costs.


  • Why most doctors know next to nothing about canker sores and often give you the wrong advice.

The "7 Steps to a Canker Sore Cure" includes a step by step plan for determining the individual causes of your canker sores so you can become canker sore free.

Stopping canker sores has never been easier. If you've ever had a question about canker sores, ever wondered if there was a way to stop them, then "7 Steps to a Canker Sore Cure" is for you.


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