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By Jerry
Travel insurance is meant to be protecting you when you are traveling. It will protect you against things such as medical cost, cancellation of trips etc. As a result, it is always smart to purchase a travel insurance before you travel.

Below are some of the situations that a travel insurance will normally covers.

As mentioned, the insurance will usually cover your medical expenses in case you need any medical care. If evacuation is needed, in most cases it will also be covered. The cost of hiring a helicopter for evacuation can be huge, especially when you are traveling to places such as Antarctica. However, if you have any pre-existing health problem before you travel, you have to consult the insurance company to see to what extent the policy will cover.

Most policy will also cover death of the travelers. Basically there can be three different situations. Some policies will only cover death when the traveler is taking a plane. Some policy will cover death when the traveler is traveling on any kind of public transports. And the third one is that it will cover death during the trip. The premium for different policies will certainly be different. Again,
you should consult the insurance company for all the details.

Besides conditions related to the heath and life of the traveler, travel insurance policies will also cover expenses when there are accidents. You have to book the flight and hotels for your trip. If it has to be canceled for some reasons, the insurance may cover the costs of the flight and hotels you have paid. In the event of delay of flights when you are coming back from the trip, the policies may also cover the cost associated with accommodations.

Apart from the above, if you have rented a car during your trip and there is an accident which damage the car. The insurance can cover the damages of the cars. In some cases the third party liabilities may also be covered. Yet it will totally depend on the policy of the insurance.

There can also be loss of luggage during the trip. This happens from time to time. A lot of people find that the luggages are lost after a flight. You can get the loss covered by a travel insurance. In some cases you may not get cash back. For example, if you lose a luggage bag, the insurance company may give you a bag instead of giving you cash.
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